Don Great W. Shark wants to seek long over-due vengenece on Shen. in doing so, he has Celestia kidnapped, and sends a letter to him, and threats that if the other lougers get involved, he will have Celestia killed, for he owns a powerful enchanted weapon that even Zeus himself fears. cause of this, Shen is forced to do terrable deeds to satisfy the shark mob. Shen forcably stolen money, items of fortune and power, and even set a pet store to blaze. when the lougers discover this, the Soothsayer said it's because Shen is malmitulated by threats from the Sharkfather Great W. The lougers must find a discret way to go forth and stop this malmitulive shark, save Celestia and Shen, while cleaning up the misdeeds, before Cynder's mother Qui is force to issue an arrest for Shen. can the real criminal be brought to justise?

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