It's been a long time since the reign of terror of Golith in Paradisa. The day of Golith's end is celebrated on every July 30th known as "Golith Day". The Lougers were present in this place to show Gazelle one of their finest atthivements when Gazelle recently discovered the truth about Paradisa and couldn't cope with the idea of it's death. The Lougers do what they can to convince her that there was no saving Golith and this day in celebrating it's downfall was for a good reason.  Golith was more then a threat to Paradisa's way of life, but it was also a threat to nature and the ecosystem, basicly making golith an unsentient eco-terrorist, and that Golith was in a way suffering as a uncontrolable beast and was in a position that was never meant by nature. Gazelle is barely able to get over it and accept this unfortunate fact, though still can't find herself to truely love the holiday. However, suddenly, a city in Paradisa was reportingly attacked by a trio of sharks looking like Goliths as different sharks: A Tiger Shark, A Mako, and a Hammerhead. And to worse it off, it was reveiled that Golith's legacy is not as destroyable as it seemed. The years of the native sharks consuming Golith's meat has finally shown signs that the sharks are becoming a new strain of Goliths, and the goverment has been secretly capturing those such sharks with help of Shark Hunters in means to prevent a new golith, and so far it worked for many years until this trio showed up. The trio were apply named The Paradisa's Furies, and have proven to be impossable to even Spencer, who gave his wings when the Furies attempted to retailiate against his family. Spencer was forced to retire since he can't be an addiuite hunter anymore. Now, the mantle is passed on to Spencer Jr, who soughts to avenge his father's ruined legacy against the furies and has hired only the finest and strongest shark hunters to go after the Furies. The good news that unlike Golith, the furies can't seem to reproduce asexually, but everyone is concerned about how long that can be true until the trio are further more like Golith in that espect and addmitiate demands to hunt down the furies are made. Gazelle, still finding the idea of hurting a living thing for something it can't help, refuses to bring herself to help in hunting down the sharks, to Spencer Jr's disrespectful mocking amusement, accusing her of being a "Shark Lover". When Gazelle couldn't take Spencer Jr's jokes anymore, she left in a hurt, angered, and sad endused huff and stormed away from the city! Later, Gazelle was shown to be missing. The Lougers show concerns that she may've been another victim, but evidnece showed otherwise. She was kidnapped, but not by Mothrons or any of the Villain Teams. The scene appears to have been done by what looks like, legged sharks. The heroes show concerns that something greater then the furies are involved and went to investigate this underwater. But when they do, they discovered a shock: An underwater Utopian shark-themed city of Golithifived Anthroised Shark people. And not just any shark people: They were Golith's "Victims" over the years. It appears that Golith's DNA was more complex then even what the Paradisan Millaterry had in mind. It appears that Golith didn't exactly "kill" his victims, though it was CLEARLY very painful, but Golith was worse then a mindless killing machine. He was a harbringer of turning Paradisa into a Shark People Utopia, where the Golithifived beings worshipped him as a god. They're like this because of Golith's stomich acid. Aside from the obvious painful burns, it also mutanted them into becoming shark people. And they were lead by a queen: Tina, the female deer who was victimedised by Golith, or as she is now, Mother Mary, as the people name themselves after famous religious names, with the furies being individually named by name based on the most infamous of these names, Luthifer, the Tiger Shark, Grendel, the Hammerhead, and Judis, the Mako, who the trio are hailed as "The Sons of Golith", which isn't off since the sharks happened cause of eating it's meat. This secret city is known as Sharkstopia, and it is also lead by an archduke who is furtherising the Golith worship, noneother then the former Mr. Dogzbull and former enforcer of the defunted Mafia Allience, Dogzbull Shark, the formerly mysteriously missing escaped freakshow attraction from Captain Pelly's show, who goes by the name of "Noah" now, to coherse the confused, shockholmed and mutantedly deluded shark people to bring forth a new Golith and resume the "Holy Mission" to turn Paradisa into an all shark people planet. And to do so, Dogzbull plans to do this by making Gazelle be the birth mother of this new Golith by wedding her to the furies and subugated her into mating with the beasts, believing that her purity and Uniter powers will garrinte an even stronger Golith that can't be easily destroyed by bombs, and even the High Council's greatest forces can never defeat the new Golith. Can our heroes be able to save Gazelle, expose Dogzbull as the deluded nut he truely is, bring sense to a city of worshippers to a victim of millaterriesed cruelty, and finally put each of the furies each out of their respected miseries? But most of all, can Gazelle ultamately bring herself to accept the ineditable fates of the Furies, as much as she would want to be able to help and cure them?

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