Sharpepay Aluminum

Sharpepay Aluminum
is a pegasus from Equestria who lives with her adoptive father, Pred Judu Des, and her sisters Axe-rella and Chain. She and her sisters share Pred's prejudice against dragons and non-pony creatures since Malevolent Flames burnt down the orphanage they stayed in, and will not hesitate to kill any dragon or non-pony creature she sees. Sharp-pay is the smartest of the trio, but also the most emotionaly scarred. of the sisters, she's the only one much more willing to bad mouth Celestia because she is the one who made the unity a reality reguardless of Celestia clearly punishing Malevolent Flames. her uncontrolled emotions tend to cause her to burst out into crying, or make her even more dangerious, even to other ponies, though rare unless of certain things like if said Pony assuiates with a dragon, even if it's a minor acciqencesship.


Cutie Mark

Sharp-Pay was born in Ponyville and was the 3rd one to be born with her other sisters. However, when the sisters became 3 years old, their biological parents were murdered by Malvolent Flames. The 3 sisters were put in an orphanage, and stayed there until they became 5 years old. The orphanage was destroyed by Malevolent Flames and his dragon minions. Sharp-Pay was the only one who wasn't hurt by Flames, but the violence she saw that day was so horrible, she became a stress-consumed sociopath who has mental breakdowns. Luckily, the sisters were rescued by the guards. After killing him in court, Pred Judu Des adopted the fillies as his own, and taught them how to slay dragons and other non-pony creatures. Her skills with a sword gave her her cutie mark.

Non-Pony Creature Killing Life

Growing up with Pred and his xenophobic nature, Sharp-Pay and her sisters became ruthless slayers of non-pony creatures, and showed no mercy to any of them whatsoever. Sharp-Pay is tecnecly the leader and brains of the trio, but also the dangeriously unstable of the group, and would not respond well to anypony actselly defending a mythic beast, even more if said pony is supposingly their "Friend" or loved one. They were great friends with Fluttershy, and even saved her from a Rock Crab once. But by following Pred's exsample, well, let's just say, losing someone dear again will not be good for this poor mare's mental state.

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