Sherby R.N. Pollyanna is an Alternate UUniversal Paradisoid from Planet Remena. She is a mute alien avian being whose race is known for being against the bans of polygamy, and is colored in a similar manner to rainbow sherbet, having eyes that change color depending on emotion. She is an acrobatic fighter with agility and balance so quick, it's almost impossible to tackle her. She has an umbrella that also serves as a focus beam, a buzzsaw, and a lightsaber-like stabbing weapon, and she has the tense ability to use an illusion similar to the Afterimage of DBZ, and she can even disguise herself as others. She is the loyal assistant of Ronam Tensewick, after her paranoia combined with her self-defense classes, along with her inability to speak, made for a rough childhood. Everyone was scared of her until Ronam was the only one to show compassion. This ended up with Sherby slowly falling in love with him, along with a snark to her which is also a tease to her boss. This being said, these feelings are not absolute when it would be shown that Sherby has a slightly more superior sense of morality then Ronam does and would come to reconisder her feelings, and would come to reconsider her path. She is the AUU version of RWBY Neopolitan, but like her RWBY Chibi counterpart, she speaks through random signs.


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