Shere Khan

Shere Khan

Shere Khan is the main villain of the Jungle Book, and a near member of the Villain League grand council. but really he only has a high status to most of the villains.


As a cub, Shere Khan was best friends with Baloo, Bagheera, King Louie, Hathi and even Kaa. The group went on many adventures. At some undetermined time, Shere Khan became what he truly is, a vicious predator. Shere Khan then lost his friends who ended up becoming his arch enemies. Shere Khan's family was killed by men using guns and fire. He then developed a fear of both. Due to the tragedy of what happened to his family, Shere Khan vowed to kill any human that entered his jungle which lead up to the main plot of the original film.

Personality [2]Edit

Shere Khan is very similar to fellow Disney villain Scar. He is civilized, sophisticated and proper. He was also a dangerous and very feared predator in the jungle. When an animal in the jungle heard his name, they usually screamed it in fear. Shere Khan's only fears were man's gun and fire. He overcame his fear of fire in the sequel film where the final battle takes place in ruins filled with fire and lava.

Film Appearances [3]Edit

The Jungle Book[4]Edit

Despite having been referred to and spoken of several times, he did not make a live appearance in the first film until about two thirds into it. He is first seen stalking a deer as prey. His hunt was ruined when Colonel Hathi came marching by with his heard and scared it away, much to Khan's disgust. After Bagheera stopped them, Shere Khan eavesdropped on their conversation and was delighted when he heard about Mowgli. After they had left, he began his hunt for Mowgli. in the Spongebob Verson however, he appeared more earliyer.

After searching some, he heard Kaa singing and became suspicious. He grabbed Kaa's tail and got him to come down. He questioned Kaa about Mowgli and Kaa acted strangely while answering his questions. Kaa's suspicious behavior prompted Shere Khan to search his coils for Mowgli, but was still not totally fooled when he didn't find him. He told Kaa if he did see him, he was to inform him first before continueing his search.

Later he heard the Vultures singing and investigated the occassion. He then found Mowgli and, after being impressed by his courage, gave him ten seconds to run away. Khan became more and more annoyed when he didn't and tried to kill him after he reached ten. Baloo grabbed his tail before he could and stopped him. After a chase, the Vultures got Mowgli to safety.

Shere Khan then became furious, battled Baloo, and nearly killed him. The Vultures intervened, stopped him before he could, and stalled him while Mowgli tied a burning branch to Khan's tail. Khan then became terrorfied and tried to put out the fire, but failed. He then fled with burning branch still tied to his tail and was burned on his bottom several times while doing so, greatly humiliating him.

The Jungle Book 2[5]Edit

Shere Khan returned once again as the main antagonist in the second film. Unlike in the first, he appeared much earlier. He is first seen smashing a makeshift version of Mowgli's head after Baloo left the area with Bagheera in pursuit. He then followed them unknowingly and went to the villige where Mowgli was, while being teased by the Vultures and their new member along the way. After getting there, he began to look for Mowgli.

He had no luck until he heard Shanti, one of Mowgli's friends, calling him. He then found Mowgli's house and was delighted that he would now have his chance for revenge. He became annoyed when Mowgli didn't appear. All at once, Mowgli appeared in the air above the house. After Shanti started screaming about a wild animal, Khan noticed it was Baloo with Mowgli and was surprised.

After the villagers responded to Shanti's calls, they saw Shere Khan instead of Baloo and chased him out of the village. Khan was at first angered, but became happy when he heard a villager say Mowgli and Shanti were in the jungle. He then pursued them. He encountered Kaa afterwards, who had seen Mowgli. Kaa at first insisted he hadn't, but Shere Khan knew better and intimidated him.

Kaa lied to him and sent on a wild goose chase. Khan became angered after this. The Vultures appeared again and their new member, Lucky, started to tease him again as he drank some water. After Lucky said something about Mowgli, Khan tricked him and found out Mowgli's location. He found Shanti and Ranjan and cornered them. Mowgli then appeared to find them and Khan confronted him.

Mowgli ran away and Khan pursued him to a temple in the middle of a pool of lava. After Baloo and Shanti teamed up and started to bang gongs with Mowgli, one fell down revealing Shanti. He then said he would kill her if Mowgli wouldn't come out. Mowgli did and he pursued him and Shanti after knocking Baloo aside and jumped out on to a tiger statue. Before he could kill them, the statue's head fell off towards the lava.

Baloo saved Mowgli and Shanti and Khan fell into the pit of lava, but landed of a slab of rock and was trapped underneath the statue's head. Lucky then flew down and started to tease him again, much to his annoyance.

Role in the Series


Shere Khan in Talespin

Baloo n sherekhan transformed by tyrranux-d4eijy5

Shere Khan as Predatron

Despite his second huliation, Shere Khan has been found eventully by Facilier and Shere Khan has joined the Villain League for him to serve as one of their Jungle Hunters. He has gained enough rank to overpower and order around Scroop, much to the alien's disgust. Thankly, thanks to the villain leage's very scrict rules, Shere Khan won't worry about Scroop trying to dispose of him like what became of Mr. Arrow, but Shere Khan is trying not to be so abusing to Scroop due to Scroop's tendingcy to "Break the rules" back at the Treasure Planet film. Also, Scroop bacome more Obidient thanks to Facilier. Shere Khan also has the ability to become an anthro version of himself in order to do business with his former minion, now member of the Fang Empire, Don Karnage. this form has not appeared yet, but may appear with Don Karnage's arrival. In the Dave Felis series, Shere Khan will appear as a member of the Dragozaurs, having been reformmatted by them into the Dragozaur Mammal, Predatron. Hearing Scar's rant of how Dave was able to defeat the Karkats, he reassured him that it was the power of the crystals as Dave's strength is "not his own."