Sheriff Concord

Sheriff Clifford Xaiver Concord

Sheriff Clifford X. Concord is a raccoon from the Houston TX of SpongeBob's world and the hometown of Sandy. He is known to be the current sheriff of the land's animal community (As proven by the episode Rodeo Daze, humans and animals possibly co-existed with each other or even are aware of their existence, though inconclusive since Spongebob's show is not very canon savy or very good with continuity as each episode makes up a new world building info for the sake of the episode which will be later replaced by another episode.), as he enforces the law. His father was known to have the position of sheriff before Sandy left to work for Treedome Enterprises and was still living there, and not too long after her departure, Concord gained enough experience to take his father's place and uphold the law, being known as a legend to his very own father's career, as he was able to stop a powerful ringtail cat bandit at age 9 (11 in raccoon years), he rose to the top of the police ranks, and eventually took his father's place as sheriff. He has the legendary voice of Chuck Norris, a man of which he actually admires, studying martial arts, and claimed to have done one of his impossible moves when he defeated a powerful bandit lord. He wields two dual golden guns that use green bullets, or a technology developed mainly by Treedome Enterprises Limited as an environmentally-friendly type of ammunition, and he also has a rope and a knife which come in handy in situations.


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