Sheriff Crosser

Sheriff Sayelin Ou Crosser

Sheriff Sayelin Ou Crosser is an alien sheriff from Yonder, a space-western world under the jurisdiction of the Galactic Federation. She is the daughter of a commander of the Galactic Alliance Soldiers, and as such she inherited the skills, only at a much wider degree. After training in Yonder's Marshal Academy, she developed in these skills, and is now the academy's valedictorian and best student. She is now a sheriff who protects Yonder's capital, Rarewood, as well as serving as a prime commander of all other sheriffs across Yonder. She primarily fights the criminal syndicate known as the Crux, lead by it's AI leader Mister Crux, the once benvolent system corrupted by fanactical western fans to make Yonder a hybrid of future and the wild west, and eventually becoming Yonder's biggest criminal empire. Crosser is very unique because not only is she an excellent and acrobatic fighter, wielding any weapon she finds with deadly accuracy and semi-merciless degree, but her tactical planning is impeccable and lightning-fast, able to adapt quickly to anything bad that occurs in the blink of an eye, easily comparable to Nausicaa, this mostly being due to her alien race's highly-active nervous systems giving them enhanced reflexes and faster cognition and coordination. She has a deputy Wrummel named Larby Longshot and a dog/horse alien steed named Rusher.


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Crosser is a human-like alien with pointed ears, purple alien-like eyes, black-to-purple hair, wears a sheriff's hat, an armor-plated suit with belts, and carries two space gun revolvers.

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