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Sheriff Jacob Connor Garrot

Sheriff Jacob C. Garrot is the Gila monster sheriff of Dodge City on the Western planet of Pastoon. He is crazed, assertive, tough, good in hand-to-hand combat, and shoots a gun with amazing accuracy. He naturally has a venomous bite, but he never uses it unless he must. He has a wife and a son named Ralph, who grew up into a Goth after being troubled not just by Fake Mayor Louis, but a pedophile outlaw named Pedo Fred, which lead to Garrot beginning his investigation in busting Mafia Alliance "crime boss" outlaw, Criminal Sanchez. He has since decided to get some deputies in the form of four ground squirrel siblings and a jackrabbit named Deputy Ruby whom Ralph actually ends up slowly falling in love with, though tries to ignore or deny these feelings. He sadly had a hard time becoming mayor since his family had a legacy of being outlaws feared for their bites, recently including an outlaw brother named Dominique Garrot.


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