Sheriff Moreland

Sheriff Verrell Templar Moreland

Sheriff Verrell T. Moreland is an Alternate UUniversal Ranga from Planet Carbungia. He was formerly a minor sheriff for a far country on Carbungia who fought with 6 friends in the police force, one of them being a Hydrocabiais. But when he failed to rescue said friend from the genocidal rule of Xerxes XX and the friend was killed in a concentration camp, the 5 friends have mourned her loss and swore to avenge her by building justice on Carbungia. That day eventually came when the Villains Act fell. With Xerxes paying for his sins on Hydrocabiaises, the five started taking large steps in building up law enforcement so that Carbungia could be safer. He and his 5 friends have a special place in Carbungian law enforcement, and they fight several bandits, raiders, criminals, and several crime lords including Flamerock the Pyrbra, Toxanne the Rainitoyge, Diggidy Dunce the Xomot, and Mister Infernox the Papper, and building a maximum security prison for each of them.


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Moreland is a kangaroo-like rabbit that has natural speed, agility, reflexes, and stamina. He is also a good fighter in gunplay and hand-to-hand combat. He has a great running speed, he can jump very high, he can dodge point-blank gunfire, he has quick reflexes and stamina, and he can occasionally kick people hard enough to launch them through entire valleys.

His main weapons of choice are two Croy B88 Blasters, a Croy FBG-16 Fusion Blastgun, several Croy Pulse, Flash Bang, and Tactical Ordnance Grenades, and a Croy vibroknife.

He has five friends on his side: Emirge, an armadillo-like creature who does medical work, Mulch, a porcine who is a heavy operations expert, Chyrlock, a leaf-backed frog who does computer work, Xico, a country reptile who works on demolitions, and Gulby, an inland gull who serves as an eye-in-the-sky, and to take his Hydrocabiais friend's place, Dolby, a scale-backed canine who acts as his partner. This team works well together in hopes of establishing fine law enforcement on Carbungia.

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