Trisha Ova Sundown
Sheriff Trisha
Vital statistics
Title Sheriff Trisha, Sheriff Sundown, AUU Nisha (OUU Residents)
Gender Female
Race/Species House Jumpler (Jumpulus manufactus)
Faction Sundown Law
Description Tough, Sturdy, Rough, Attitude, Mean, Prosthetic Rib Sack
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Speed, Reflexes, Coordination, Can Display Eight Gun-Toting Arms Digitally, Accurate Gun Marksmanship, Regenerative and Recharging Energy Shield, ISD Device, Holoverse Holo-Clothing That Changes Attire
Status Alive
Location (Alternate UUniverses)
  • Sundown, Jinter (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Hometown, Current Residence)
Alignment Good
Sheriff Trisha O. Sundown is an Alternate UUniversal Jumpler from Planet Jinter. She is a jackrabbit-like mammal descended from the founders of her hometown of Sundown, and thus, to honor her family name, she became the sheriff of the desert city. She had a rough childhood, having to deal with an abusive mother who only married her Sundown father to get fame and yet was denied of it when everyone knew of it and was divorced, yet she got revenge by claiming custody of Trisha, vowing to make her so broke, she'll bring the ultimate disgrace to the Sundown name. Thus, under her care, she often yelled and tossed all sorts of things at her. However, despite being mentally scarred at such a young age, due to her father's iron will, she used this as exercise to train her reflexes, practicing until she got good at catching anything her mother throws at her. One day, her father got her a pet Troggle which she started to care for as the two of them were inseparable until her mother, after the troggle accidentally caused her to lose a leg to a train, she shot it dead as revenge. Thus, after assaulting her own mother for it and getting an injury through being bashed violently with a blunt object, and after getting healed by her father as the attacks rendered her ribs shattered and thus replaced by an elastic prosthetic replacement, a lawsuit had her mother finally sentenced to life imprisonment for animal and domestic abuse and cruelty. Since then, after a brief run-in with criminals, she managed to become Sundown's sheriff, and thus is a very helpful law-enforcer, who further got herself improved in self-defense as she has the ability to display 8 additional robotic weapon-totting arms digitally that aid in firefights against evil forces and criminals. She has met, fought, and aided the Vault Seekers once or twice, and fought against Awesome Jaxtom, her ex-boyfriend before learning of his true plans from her biggest target at the time, Block King, countless times and managed to outsmart his forces multiple times. She is the AUU parallel to Borderlands Nisha, the Sheriff of Lynchwood, and thus is similar in personality and raw power, but unlike her, she is more moral and seeks true justice and has managed to dump Jaxtom.


Trisha was born in the town of Sundown on Jinter, he first planet in the system to be colonized after the Uridians' extinction. Though it's appeal in resources gave birth to the lawless society that eventually spread across the planet. She was the descendant of the founders of Sundown but her upbringing was harsh as the name itself was long disgraced by generations of failures and leaving the town itself crawling with bandits. Her father got married to a mother who only married him for his name, getting fame from it and after this discovery resulted in divorce, she got revenge by claiming custody of Trisha. She vowed to make her so broke, she'll bring the biggest disgrace to the Sundown name.

Under her care, Trisha was abused by having things of all sorts tossed at her. But she learned to catch them and throw them back thanks to inheriting her father's willpower. To cope with the abuse she suffered, her father gave her a pet troggle, whom protected her from thick and thin for years. But then one day, her mother's leg got stuck in train tracks, and after a failed attempt to have the troggle get help, it instead ignored her as it hated her. With her leg lost because of this, she blamed the troggle for it and killed it with a shotgun. After assaulting her mother brutally for this, she was nearly killed via shattering of her ribcage. Her father healed her with an elastic ribcage prosthetic and her mother was arrested for child and animal abuse. Her father thus regained custody of Trisha and raised her to uphold the family name, just like they both wanted. After getting a lot of experience by brief run-ins with criminals, she finally got her chance by becoming the sheriff of Sundown. She managed to add onto her prosthetic by giving herself 8 additional robotic arms that come out of her back digitally from eight nodes on her back hidden by her jacket.

Her time as sheriff had allowed her to meet Jettle and Samber back before they became two of the most recognized Vault Seekers in the Beofynzeny System, as they were both in love with her and argued over which one she would choose to go out with. Through them, when Jettle was posing as a notorious bandit leader called the Block King, she began to at first view him and his friends as criminals, when they were actually vigilantes. She even came to sympathize with Awesome Jaxtom after he was drinking himself stupid in the pub of Sundown. The two soon became a couple, which earned the ire of Jettle and Samber. When she told them about Jaxtom's plans for the 88 Uridian Vaults, the two left Sundown because of a promise they made long ago. Happy that they were gone, they later returned with their six friends Rollond, Axon, Ierlith, Taya, Troge, and Zemo. After many duels in the town for weeks, she ultimately realized what Jaxtom was up to: he was going to use the 88 Uridian Vaults inside to take over the Beofynzeny System to spite his family for believing outdated sacrecy titles and denying him that chance by cutting him of heirmanship, forcing these problems and his valid arguments on everyone in the system. Convinced that he only loved her for the notoriety she would give and give to herself, when really she was made to look like she was supporting his tyrannical ways, she finally broke up with Jaxtom after a near-death confrontation. Thus she cut off Armatage and Huncus from Sundown and swore to aid the Vault Seekers in their fight against Jaxtom, having a hatred for him for what he ultimately made her look like.


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  • "Time to play dirty!"
  • "That's what it's all about!"
  • "You're gonna scream!"
  • "Armed and DANGEROUS!"
  • "Sometimes I miss home, then I stop being a dumbass."
  • "Man, I could go for a sandwich. Or maybe shooting someone's balls off."
  • "Times like this, a girl DREAMS of violence."
  • "You got me to thank that you're living in a town called Sundown. You know what Jaxtom wanted to call this place? New New Haven. I love the guy, but he doesn't exactly have a way with words."
  • "Consider this my 'ARM-Y'! (Laughs crazily and fires her additional robot arms)"
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