Shi Te


Shi-Te is the adviser of both leadatorial and financil position of Li Shan and is respondsable for trade sustainablity and profit balencing, which due to it is the reason why he was absint from the events of the 3rd Kung-Fu Panda movie (Outside of not being canon), meaning he has to travel alot to maintain them. Dispite asentually being Makunga as a Panda, he does have a sense of honor. Problem is, he is strongly blinded by the tragity of what Lord Shen did to the Pandas, and is also a BIG JERK about it. He is angry about the loss of his family to the point where he even gives Li Shan a hard time about it when he gets angry enough about the subject. While fortunately, it hasn't gotten bad where it turns him into a true villain, but he is prone to be an EXTREMELY judgemental jerk that the Lougers still have to deal with eventally. And once so, is HE gonna be the most nastiest of the Lougers' critics. But would it change, even only alittle bit, should a worse & truely dangerious threat makes it's presence known? He was also among two other future villains that had a prior appearence on the main producer's devientart account as part of a showcase for future plans for the SAF series. As a result, this is the first of the pre-reveiled new villains to be released here.

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Deviantart Description

Shi-Te is asentually the Panda verson of Makunga. Only he has the added flavor of being extremely distrustent to a repenting Lord Shen. Which in light of certain events is not normally hard to see why. Serving as the adviser for the Pandas Po was from, Shi-Te lost his entire family to Shen's raid and now has been reduced to be a HUGE jerk about it. It gotten bad to the point that he openly disrespects Po's Biological father over what happened those years ago and still won't lent up on it ever since. Normally his anti-Shen attatude is appresiated by the other pandas, who really are more afraid of Shen then truely hate him, but that would soon change once Shen is reveiled to have reformed and redeems his mistakes by saving the village from a former follower of the Peacocks.


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  • "It's such a shame that first impressions never go like you want them to."
  • "Look on the bright side, Shen, had you, been able to kill off Po's real father, he would've never had the benifit of reuniting with his pathic excuse of a son."
  • "You attacked our village, killed some of our people, you chased us away from our old home.... And all over because the goat said a warrior of black and white was gonna kick your tail over being an idiot with fireworks."
  • "Did just ever accured to you that it MAY not have been originally even a Panda who would defeat you?! We're not the only things in black and white, you know?! Zebras!? Orcas!? Penguins!? Angel fish!? EVEN SKUNKS!? The Original warrior to defeat you could've been ANY ONE of them?! But no.... Instead.... You had to pick on the Pandas."
  • "Oh, I have every right to be a jerk to that Peacock, "Dragon Warrior", THAT, WASTE OF AN EGG, TOOK MY FAMILY FROM ME?! They ended up being among the killed?! And you DARE expect me to forgive that, JUST because he NOW desides to turn against abunch of Demon Worshippers? And not even you can change that. And don't think the fact that you saved this village from the wrath of that lunitic Kai while I was away on trade business, is gonna change anything."
  • "Your lucky your dad is such a weak-willed soft-heart, Po. Otherwise, I would've been able to banish you and the Peacock in a heart-beat, with little to no second thoughts, had I, been sole leader. But make no mistake. If anything happens during your stay.... I'll gladly point fingers to a certain angry bird, and I'll make sure, even your dad, can't say no to me then! I'll be watching.... Like, a, HAWK?! CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?! CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?! CAAAAAAAA- (Coughs), Oh, ugh.... That ruined the moment right there."
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