The Good News is, the Lougers were able to contain the Golden Armor from Falconnerd and Zonazra. Bad news, he still has Zonazra and the sword to find the other talesments. And the next item of the agenda is The Sheild of Light, which rests in the planet of Dwarfs in it's sheild capital "Sheildrainia", where it was very talented dwarfs that originally created the 6 talesments, but Shield became an uber valueable object to them that they locked it in their most secure area ever, Dwarfconinaca. Falconnerd arrived and quickly caused serious trouble, and worse more, he freed cursed goblin zombies of DarkDwar the Dispicable apawn the populus to distract them and the Lougers while he gets to the shield! The Lougers are forced to make a choice: save the populus from cursed Zombie Goblins, or stop Falconnerd from getting another talesment to put him a step closer to the Pathway of Peace.

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