Shred Judu Des was an Equestrian Earth Pony from Equestria. He is a member of the infamous Judu Des Clan, a clan of ponies who slayed non-ponies, especially their modern member, Pred Judu Des, and the brother of Dred Judu Des. He is the most guilty of the entire clan for doing one thing: incriminating non-mythical creatures as all being evil. As ponies started making peace with non-ponies, he felt that the Judu Des Clan was no longer needed, so to remain with a purpose, he made non-ponies look like monsters, and inspired modern descendants like Pred, and other ponies, to have xenophobia and fear against non-ponies. He ensured it stayed this way by gaining a medallion that allowed him immortality, but not pure immortality as it did not grant youth. Eventually, when his sins are discovered by Pred and he threatens his goddaughter Fluttershy for finally going soft, he ends up losing his medallion and rots away to death and is finally penalized by the deceased ancestors of the Clan.


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