Sibeo Su Thu is an Alternate UUniversal Miberion from Planet Bollyse. Raised by Rabodans since his biological parents were lost during the Interuniversal War, he was born with a sour and bitter attitude, and had an unjust prejudice against Thabes as a result of their home often being raided by them. It especially didn't help that his father was a hoarder, leaving the Thabes plenty of opportunities to use them if he wouldn't. Sibeo didn't mind it when he was a child however, because they were 'doing him a favor'. His father died due to a seizure caused by this disorder, and Sibeo had decided to plan a yard sale to sell all the junk he possessed. The next day, he discovered that they were all stolen by Thabes. Sibeo was robbed of a chance to make cold-hard cash, though he remembered that he wanted to get rid of his father's junk to begin with, though upset that he wasn't the one who got money out of it. Through remembering the initional intention, it kept him from flat out hating the Thabes, though he became processed by the idea that he wants to use their quickness to take and steal to his own advantage. Sibeo had desires to make use of the sticky-fingered critters, but knowing that since their semi-sentient, they're protected from laws against slavery, so Sibeo was forced to go underground. He has since moved on and founded an illegal slave trade operation in a lawless junkyard sector by kidnapping Thabes from hundreds of Thabe slums all over the planet, and trading them for cash, enforcing his work with the use of a painfully-inflicting thermal laser whip. He has been at this, and had even made the biggest sales with the Villains Act, though did not join because he only considered them his best customers, but had no desires for "Their line of work", being content with being an illegit business man then a conquester. When they fell, he continued his illegal slave operation. However, his illegal business will soon come to an end when two birdbrains discover his slavery on a the race over their instinct driven talents.


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