Silverstream is a pure hippogriff from Hippogrifia introduced in Season 8 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the upcoming two-parter episode School Daze as one of Twilight Sparkle's new students in her new school. She is the hyperactive niece of Queen Novo, and is voiced by Lauren Jackson (Not the retired basketball player).

Role in the series

Due to the leaked footage, Silverstream appeared early in the episode Draconequui Wonderland with Gallus, Ocellus, and Smolder as four of the first customers of Mischief, Maleficence, and Strife. She has the ability to read and communicate with magic, allowing her to see through mental illusions, magical transformations, magical disguises, and she can see magical ailments such as mind-control and brainwashing. Though why the SAF characterisation was different from the more spastic personality was because she was directed to act as hyperactive as possable because it was tecnecally suppose to be considered the first time Hippogriffs interacted on land even though SAF established that they should've already seen these things at some point and she is extremely young and just as eager as her cousin Princess Skystar.


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