There are reports of a series of bank, jewerly, and museum heists being pulled all over the United Universes, and there is no word of who the criminal is. all that is left is a strange calling card: A cobra siloette and a lipstick kiss mark. even the lougers are at a standstill (With Merlin, Ignitus, the Soothsayer, and all members of the wizard allience at the master's convention) of who's behind it. however, they quickly forget about it apawn the arrival of an old friend of Viper's: a female King Cobra (or since she's a she, a queen cobra) who is a master of Kung Fu, even greater then both Viper and Sing Jin Sue combined: her name is Sing Xu the beautiful. Viper trusted her so greatly, she'll voliently deny any wrong saying about Sing Xu. however, Sing Xu's beauty has also earned the affections of Kaa, Savio, Larry the Anacona, Ralth and Eddy (Kaa's nefpews), even Sir Hiss (much to Viper's secret jealusly)! little do they realised that, Sing Xu is behind the heists, abusing her skills for money, but not without a good reason: Sing Xu is trying to pay off Su Su Ka Boom and Lu Ban who kidnapped her family and her fiance and threaten to exicute them unless their demands are met. Sing Xu's payment includes one final thing: the Peacock family's Ying and Yang abmulet, which turns out, is a key for Su Su's monsterious Doomsday weapon that Su Su plans to sell to the leage for an even larger profit (Su Su is aware that Lord Cobra is one of the leaders of the leage and is keeping this secret from the anti-snake clan, even his own brother), will the lougers be able to win over Sing Xu's good heart and stand up to those Mongooses once and for all?

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