Sir Drought Dusk, nicknamed Sir Drybutt, is an Equestrian pure hippogriff from Hippogrifia and an aquaphobic embassy that doesn't like water and thus doesn't like his kind's alliance with the seaponies, if purely because water has to be involved and not out of anything malcious or spiteful. This is the result of an incident where he almost drowned several times by being stranded in a sea cave during a storm and increasing tides and sea level, surviving by developing the ability to evaporate any water he touches and even dehydrate anyone he touches. This ability allows him to sizzle away any water in his path. When Queen Novo and the kingdom hid in their shared kingdom of Seaquestria, ruled by her friend and mentor Queen Abysswish after the invasion of The Storm King, he refused to join them and instead spent his time living alone in Basalt Beaches, returning as an embassy member upon the Storm King's defeat. After this, he vows to 'rehabilitate' the hippogriffs of Mount Aris by reintroducing the traditional land hippogriff holiday of Sky Day to remove the replacement holiday The Three Days of Freedom Celebration. His fear of water drove him to become more then abit intense, sometimes being prone to use his dehydrate ability to physically hurt others for defience, which resulted in him being given speical rules to not do this on really young children and the eldery by the other Embessy members, though he doesn't mean serious malice from this as it is more like an over-reactionary disaplenary tactic meant to discourage an easily forming rebelion just merely from someone getting too passionate, though all the same, this aquaphobia will end up swallowing him to the point that he would end up forgetting his own rules if this fear is not cured.


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Drybutt is a sun parakeet-like pure hippogriff with a bright yellow coat and a yellow head and neck, dull-orange beak and talons, red and blue tail and head feathers, and yellow eyes.

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