Sir Groomta

Sir Groomta Falise Kaomus

Sir Groomta F. Kaomus is an Alternate UUniversal Pithite from Planet Gregamoon. He was a hyper-knight who became a member of the Union Against Religious Abuse as a request of King Jonamorse and Queen Jelamans for the Union being merciful and understanding that an outdated religious testament that was hurting abortions wasn't their fault and ridding them of certain factors that worsened a few problems on Gregamoon. He shares the appreciation for the Union not always punishing religious leaders harshly unless their abuse of one leads to them committing crimes worse than death, but he is very concerned for their controversy of being too quick to use death as a punishment even when he understood that most religious tyrants have went too far, and is always willing to offer alternate ways to dispose tyrants as threats and not as living things if there are still options. As a former hyper-knight, Groomta was medically, surgically, and cybernetically enhanced to become a worthy fighter for Gregamoon, and keeps the same reputation while serving for the UARA. In fact, he serves as the captain of the UARA's Messiah Officers and sometimes has to aid Sir Holthar with his problems in the fights for religious justice.


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