Sir Hadron

Sir Toronto Sen Hadron

Sir Toronto S. Hadron is an Alternate UUniversal Secromite from Planet Seeplor. Though at first glace, you would be understandingly thinking this guy's just the AUU's answer to Emperor Tachyon, but in truth, at best he's like a grouchier Electross the Reviver. Like the Ombars, the Secromites were the biggest isolated system races highly supportive of UIS, if in fact one of their fiercest supporters and potaintional canidates for membership. But the Secromites fell victim to The Aggressor Empire and Boss Vavoss, the leader of the Aggressor Empire and it's allience of hyper-aggressive races, were able to banish the Secromites into an imprisonment dimention and made it look like the Secromites were simply destroyed by an unforseen calamity, with Hadron the only one having managed to escape and able to know better. The Vavoss did the same to the Ombars when they were suspitious of it, and framed Hadron as a warlord maniac. So you can understand the guy's grouchy disposition. He was force to hide in the shadows and watch as the Aggressors throw the Isolated Systems into chaos via using a well intentioned dope maned Godchaux to found The United Usurpation Force to try and get isolated systems to rebel against UIS as a means to basicly free the horrors and dangers of the isolated systems into the grander community and bring everything into chaos, unknowingly in the name of the Aggressors' warped philosify of indusing a surviveal driven universes. Hadron had since plotted to bring an end to this madness.
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