Sir Halebrock

Sir Almister Voron Halebrock

Sir Almister V. Halebrock is an Alternate UUniversal Berql from Planet Creenus. He is a cyborg mustelid that had a nasty encounter with Awesome Jaxtom as he ravaged an animal research facility owned by Huncus and turned it into a technological research facility for experimentation with Uridium. He was married to an employee there who was killed as he left and sent his daughter Lady Aurlia to Fyregem where she would be raised as a troublemaker while Almister remained in an isolated region of Creenus away from home that, despite being ravaged by raiders, bandits, Ezzoy Bandits, and especially infamous figuratively and literally fiery pirate Captain Farseam and his first and second mates Boom and Blast, he hides well within Liar's Glade, a viable trade town in a snowy landscape which is within a dumping ground where many Bilge units were trashed by Jaxtom when he discontinued the model, especially the ones so incompetent that they are no longer liable for service. Almister saved one such from a troop of Bulloyders, who hailed from Fyregem, and kept him as the only friendly company as others give him dirty looks and are downright hostile. He is the AUU version of Borderlands Sir Hammerlock, and like him, he has a habit of studying xeno-animals.


Almister was born on the wild planet of Creenus, which has an energetic core of Uridium and is rich in it, and has been noted for some feuds between the Armatage and Huncus Corporations. It is also a planet filled with rampant monsters that game hunters make a long living of hunting. There are also wildlife reserves located all over the planet. Almister was the son of a celebrated hunter who died at the hands of a scientific cyborg monstrosity called Wilderstein, a failed attempt by Armatage and Huncus to create bioweapons. Before his father died, he wanted Almister to take his place as a great game hunter, but Almister wanted to be better than a game hunter. He wanted to do something bigger. Thus once his father was killed, he sought to end Wilderstein and potentially save Creenus.

His journey ended up attracting the attention of his father's Grozzle documentary friend Sir Nichtmar, who offered him life-making cash in return for this mission, as Wilderstein was threatening his business. Almister agreed for his father and he ended up getting the attention of a Stalik alchemist witch doctor lord Leadblood, who wanted Wilderstein to take over his homeland entirely. Though he lost his left arm and leg, he succeeded in killing Wilderstein and Leadblood. With cash in hand, Almister ended up obtaining the heart of a very impressed Berql girl who works for a Huncus Wildlife Reserve, they got married and had a child named Aurlia.

But this reserve was taken over by Awesome Jaxtom when he took it over, and trying to defend it cost Almister his wife. Jaxtom murdered her with a gun and chased Almister and Aurlia away, leaving him to turn the reserve into a Uridium research facility that was tainting the wildlife around it. Convinced that Aurlia wasn't safe around him, Almister sent her to Fyregem on Uridia. As for him, he hid out in Creenus' Liar's Glade, a snowy glacier where he rescued the Bilge Unit of Fyregem, finding out he is the last of his kind after Jaxtom stole and terminated the contract of the unit itself. He has since been by his side until they were both rescued from the wrath of Captain Farseam by the Vault Seekers. He had since been back in Fyregem reunited with his daughter.


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  • "Do you feel that you have too many bullets and not enough money?"
  • "Things need to be shot and, By Jove, you're the one to shoot them!"
  • "I see our fearless leader Jaxtom is looking for you. Charming fellow, isn't he? Spouts drivel about bringing peace to the frontier, then shoots unarmed men, women and children like it was going out of style. (Scoffs) What a bunch of hubba-bubba-baloo, that is!"
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