Sir Hiss Hissingshire
Vital statistics
Title Hiss, Silly/stupid serpent,

Reluctant reptile, Cowardly cobra, Procrastinating python, Suspicious snake, Agravating asp, eel in snake's clothing, Blithering boa, Long one, Buster, Creepy, Kid, Shell Louge Member.

Gender Male.
Race/Species Snake (Debatable Direct Spieces.)
Faction The Royalty of England.

(Originally) The Villain Leage (Through Prince John) Shell Louge Squad.

Description Healthy
Skills and Abilities Non-Fighter.
Status Alive.
Location Dragon Guardian Temple.

Originally England. Originally Dreamworks China (For inconclusive reasons).

Alignment Regely Good, though originally askewed.

Sir Hiss is a misunderstood Snake who was forced to work with the villains in SpongeBob and Friends Meet Robin Hood. He was Prince John's assistant (more like unfortinate slave), he reside with Prince john on the lap of royalty after Jafar (presumably) hypnotised king richard go on a Crusade. He always like to rub things in on Prince John's failure attempts to capture Robin Hood and Spongebob and the others which annoys Prince John. He also talks too much about Viper. who she is Sir Hiss's long time friend in his younger days, till Prince John drafted him by his teen years. Prince John always call Viper "your girlfriend" to Sir Hiss but Sir Hiss says "Viper is not my girlfriend" to Prince John (This is actually not said in the moisode). At the end of the film, he was about to be sacrificed to get robin hood's soul to power Lord Cobra's meddailian, but Spongebob and the Shell Louge Squad saved him only to be attacked by Blowhole and Jafar and other villains, Sir Hiss bravely stands up to Jafar long enough for the other heroes to trap him in his lamp reforming himself, Viper kisses his cheek in thanks, making him blush and from then on, he mostly served as their accountent member, and sevres as reminder for the less intelligent lougers (at the time). Sir Hiss was the only character original to the Disney adaptation of the old robin hood legend, only exsiting in the disney origenal, and the Spongebob adventures verson, making him a perfect misfited canidate for the shell louge squad. But soon, he will discover a shocking secret that has just recently surfaced with a vengeance. Like most heroes, Hiss has the stereotypical evil twin brother he didn't know about. And just who IS this twin, you might ask? Well, his name is.........Fang, Imperial Majesty of the Fang Empire!!

PTE Redux Conditions: While Sir Hiss retains his childhood past with Viper, as well as his feelings for her, in PTE, he joins Prince John of his own free will and hypnotizes King Richard into joining the UUniversal Crusades.



Sir Hiss, while weak, he's pretty clever, and has a alot of friends on his side (i.e. the shell louge squad)

Sir Hiss is the snake slave/servent/kiss-up/sidekick of Prince John. He often attempts to warn Prince John of the dangers of his various traps, but is rarely listened to. After a failed plan, Sir Hiss often complains about how Prince John didn't listen to him, but he is usually punished as a result. He is often the target of Prince John's temper tantrums, which he usually tries to halt by reminding Prince John about Prince John's mother. Sir Hiss is often compared to Kaa from the film The Jungle Book, as they share similar appearances as well as hypnotic powers. he is like an unintendtionally funny but well thought out Uncle to the louge.

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