Sir Holthar

Sir Holthar Pi Baze

Sir Holthar Pi Baze is an Alternate UUniversal Mott from Planet Reynon. He is a member of the Union Against Religious Abuse who serves as a rookie for the police forces since he is one of the newest members of the UARA. He was raised to be one of the many super-knights for the old Verusian tyrant King Holy, who had come there and made up a religion about himself being a 'savior' as an excuse to misuse power and use his scientific illusions to make himself look unstoppable. Holy had held Holthar's family hostage and forced him to obey his every command, and became enhanced into a super-knight to fight for him. He never supported it, but he had no choice. But when the UARA investigated Holy's actions, he was caught, exposed, and executed for using his arsenal to resist arrest, assault, and insulting the UARA. Holthar thanked the UARA for rescuing his family, and they offered him the chance to join them and stop people like Holy. He accepted, and became a private soldier of the police forces under the command of it's leader who would come later down the road, Sir Groomta. Holthar is not very bright, and while he is an experienced fighter, he is still young and has little knowledge of strategy and is not a fan of violence.


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