Siri Vivis Kaiyama

Siri V. Kaiyama, AKA Siri the Freehearted, is an Alternate UUniversal Jeerien from Planet Chronicus. Raised in the same town as the adopted young sister of Princess Shiri, she was separated from her family as the result of an attack brought on by the same forces that complicated Shiri's life. For her own protection, she had to be placed in foster care on the world of Xzama, a world with an infamous legend behind it. She was raised in islands by Shiri and with adopted brothers, whom she fell in love with, not deciding who to be with until becoming polygamous and married both of them in future years. Even at a young age, she displayed magical powers, and was actually watched over and blessed with these powers behind the scenes by a race known as the Beamflies, the AUU Lightflies who fought another race of their origin called the Opiqians, the AUU Mothrons, for the fate of this mysterious power of otherdimensional origin, which was the source of their main powers of the Light and Dark Dreaming which gave them their powers and gave them unfathomable subconscious abilities, and created the forces that separated Shiri and Siri after being sent by Lord Gothaxort as a plan for power. They later ended up in the hands of The Villain Legion as her power is being sought after by The Dark Radicals' anonymous benefactor because he is concerned that the Beamflies are a threat to him and everything he created the AUU for, risking him having no choice but to reveal himself, resulting in more consequences like the freedom of the Gods of the Alternate UUniverses. Thankfully, she is rescued by the Clam Lounge Squadron and looked after like a daughter, particularly her adopted uncle and a friend of her mother named Master Cen, via in due to being adopted by Shiri who has had prior relations to Cen in his life, for her to grow up and fulfill her destiny as a powerful heroic princess of matching power of Gazelle known as the Astra Princess, since the last one, Zoeyna, ascended to a spirit. She's a bit of an adventure-seeker as she enjoys action despite the hesitance of her heroic guardians, as being raised on an island with adopted brothers and love interests got her that kind of instinct, learning how to jump very high and across many rooftops in parkour, save anyone, learn any magic spell after seeing it in action only once, can communicate with animals, has learned great acrobatic abilities, can swim quickly even without flippers, among other things.


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