Entrance Gate to Capital City, Boa Boras

Skabbis is the homeworld of the infamous Snake Tribes. It is a soiled barren world where the only inhabitants are snakes and a few unsentient animals. It is a hot world where reptiles can seem to flourish in since they are much more adapted to hot temperatures than mammals. This is the birth place of all known Snake Tribes, including the Rattlely, the Vipires, the Crazbras, the Black Mambians, the Cospiters, and the now-extinct Contraiters. In ancient times, these tribes were known to have been part of the First Cartoonian War since they were worshippers of Darkspawn, particularly their most powerful but dangeriously untameable world-devouring weapon, The Great Eater. They had planned to unleash the Great Eater on several worlds that they wished to wipe off the face of the UUniverses. but they ultamately failed, and they were banished to several worlds based on their culture, leading to struggling survival for the tribes. While most races were able to make it by a few members, the Contraiters were the most affected due to being void of supplies, and seemingly had died of starvation and the intense conditions of trying to find a new home, leaving only their war leader, Boan, to be the last of his kind, and try to find ways to avenge his species and unleash the Great Eater once again.


This world started off just like Earth, only it was much older by a thousand years. The life flourished and climate change left reptiles to become the dominant species of the planet. Yet this worlds' dinosaurs suffered an asteroid strike, and the only surviving creatures were the adaptable snakes as well as other reptiles and animals. Snakes evolved more rapidly and as they adapted, they were able to stop mammals from evolving into this world's dominant species. They were even able to find shelter for their own against the cold Ice Age.

As the planet once again restored to a reptile-rich hot environment, the snakes flourished even more, and became sentient beings that became good at adapting, and developed out of hunting and gathering much quicker than humans. They formed a magocratic society upon the discovery of magic. There are six known tribeal races of "Snakeinoid" beings, the Rattley, the Rattlesnake beings that thrive in hotter areas of the planet, the Vipires, vampiric viper-beings that grown a surprising appresiation for the cold and are the only snake-beings that regulate their blood to cold to warm, the Crazbras, a race of almost comicaly obsord cobra beings capable to make their bodies do weird things, even turning their tails into propellers, Black Mambaians, asentually the planet's Amazons, being an asexually reproducing all female race who perfer the wildness and solice of the jungles of Skabbis, Cospiters, the laid back but battle-hardy swamp livers that are asentally often or not, the planet's "Rednecks" in some speaking, and finally, the planet's dominate race, the forest living, imperialistic, council ruled race called the Contraiters, a race of boa, python, and anaconda-like snake beings. Five of the 6 races didn't orginally get along. The Rattley wanted the other tribes to treat them like the masters of all races, and considered the Vipires to be freaks, the Crazbras to be retards, the Black Mambaians abominations, the cospiters lazy brutes, and the Contraiters abunch of know-it-alls. The Vipires wanted to subugate the other tribes into their suritude, and viewed the Rattley as xenophobic twats, the Crazbras as idiots, the Black Mambaians as a threat, the Cospiters as violent idiots, and the Contraiters as would be potainional allies if not for conflict of interests. The Crazbras wanted to turn Skabbis into a surreal wonderland, and viewed the Rattley as meanies, the Vipires as boring stiffs, the Black Mambaians as "Nurses", the Cospiters as lazy bullies, and the Contraiters as total nerds. The Black Mambaians had an amazon like philosify that males are inferior, as well as non-Black Mambaian females that relie on them, and viewed the Rattley as fools, the Vipires as monsters, the Crazbras as bigger fools, the Cospiters as good-for-nothings, and the Contraitors as a waste of Skabbis' air. The Cospiters were mostly hostile to protect what's theirs, and they considered all of the planet "rightfully" theirs, and viewed the Rattlely as cretins, the Vipires as actual vampires because of their transviltrainian like culture, The Crazbras as annoying vermin, the Black Mambaians as skanks, and the Conntraiters as "forest slickers". The Contraiters, in their logic, felt that the war is a waste of the other tribes powers when they have more in common then what they contrasted in. One such Contraiter, is the growing Prince himself, Boan.

Boan's father kept his race from fighting in this upcoming war of races, prefering not risking an upset with neither of them. Alchourse, the perference to stay clear alone was enough to make them subject to ridicule by the other races. Boan, and his beloved, Pythona, had felt that this war would harm Skabbis and be irreservesable. Luckly, Boan in his younger days, became secret friends with one who would become future ruler of the Rattlely, Rat-lar, who the two promise each-other to one day find a way to halt the hatred between the five tribes. Luckly, when they grew up, Rat-ler became ruler of the Rattlely, who still kept his promise, but he did well to make it look like he is loyal to his arrigant and racist father's ideals. Other new rulers of the time are Count Fangula, the noble son of a previous ruler, Loose Bra, the still present mad king of the Crazbras, Alexmamba, the warrior queen of the Black Mambaians, and finally, Poisonious Siliva, the Cospiters leader.

Before the day of Boan's corination as new ruler of the Contraiters, Boan surprised his parents by asking to have the corination canceled on counts that Boan himself believe he is not worthy of the crown and doesn't think being related to great rulers are enough. He wanted his title to be earned through doing the unthinkable, beating all five of the warring snake-tribe rulers, and submitting them into making peace at last. His parents were concerned and spectical that their son would do it, but they allowed it if only if it would help him find his worth in some way.

On the arena, all the 6 tribes came togather in the first time in ages to watch a great battle unfold. Boan was fighting against Rat-lar, Fangula, Loose Bra, Alexmamba, and Siliva. But before the fight, Rat-Lar had some spies to dig-up the weaknesses of the other rulers to tell Boan about. Fangula has a bad hapit of getting into an arguement with his other head, Loose Bra is easily distracted, Siliva sometimes ends up coughing on his venom when he spits too much, and Alexmamba tends to go into violent rages that often end up with her losing control and loses her self-awareness, leaving her vulerable to traps. Boan exploted each and every one of the weaknesses, all without himself being harmed. With the 4 defeated, as agreed, Rat-lar surrendered out of being "amazed" by Boan's prowless and superiority. This amazed the entire snake tribes that Boan congured all 5 leaders through determination, strengh, cunning, and sure mastery of magic. On the day of Boan's corination, it was also the day the 6 tribes became united under Boan's rule. Boan married to his beloved Pythona, and became king of a new age...

However, Boan was concerned that even though the leaders agreed to get over their differences, they still feel as if Skabbis should be under their control. Boan knows their conflict of interests would be a serious issue, and Boan grew desperate to find a way to prevent his hard earn age from crumbling before it's first baby steps. Boan was then met with A strange being that offered to help him from his blight. He would grant Boan and the other tribe leaders and their closest relitives, his beloved Pythona included, immortality and god-like magic, incapable of power-fluxing. Boan, unsure of the strange being, accepted. The being casted his spell, and Boan, his wife, and the other tribe leaders and their most valued family members, are made immortal. The being explained that Boan and the tribe leaders now have the power to create worlds and alter them to their leazure. Boan proceeded to tell the other tribe leaders that they can make worlds now, which no doubt was met with skepticisum and joking at first, but Boan proved it by creating the planet that would be known as Rocen, ultamately convincing the leaders.

The Snake Tribes proceeded to create these new worlds: FireaColdaronAiriaJuju, and Poi-Son. The Rattlely created Firea based on their love for heat and their burning ambitions, the Vipires created Coldaron based on their ability to survive the cold and their icy cynical cold-shouldering nature, the Crazbras created Airia based on their air-headedness and their love of the sky, the Black Mambaians created Juju due their jungle loving nature and their wild and savage life-sytile as hunters, and the Cospiters created Poi-Son because, well, obviously because they're poison based and love swamps. Rocen tecnecally belonged to the Contraiters cause of Boan's deminstraghtion, and it was mostly used as a mining planet because, it's litterally just a rocky planet. These worlds went through a quicken evouluion rate and already donned life, which the Snake Tribes proceeded to rule their created worlds as gods. The Snake-Tribes were offered animal and virgin sacrivices to appease their needs and their black-hole stomichs, making them capable with help from extendable jaws and amazingly flexable throats capable to eat even giantic animals.

The Snake Tribes were living in their golden age. That is until, thanks to the First Cartoonian War, the snake tribes were subugated to unfair mistreatment by the High Council of old because the being that gave the snake tribes this great power was a netourious darkspawn and a known supporter of the Darkspawn Brotherhood, viewing the snake tribes as corrupted by-products. But instead of realising that they were tricked, the snake tribes and their leaders felt discriminated by this and plotted to stop this. Because the darkspawn that gave them the great power was viewed as "more welcoming" then the High Council, they joined their cause, mistaking the Darkspawn as the right ones to support. The battles for Firea, Coldaron, Juju, Rocen, Airia, and Poi-Son were considerablely fierce, espeically since the Snake Tribes plotted to release their sacred god, which is actselly a failed creation of Chernibog himself that he wasn't able to control and it's presence inprisoned in Skabbis lead the mistake to believe that the being refered to as "The Great Eater" would defeat the discriminative High Council forever.

However, it also served to worsen their troubles. During the creation of sacred daggers to be used to free the great eater, the High Council claimed control of the 6 created planets, though these daggers were still in the snake tribes procession. It lead to a huge and painful final battle in Skabbis, where the releasement would take place. The contraiters suffered the worse of the attack, and Pythona seemed to have went missing during the mess. The horrendusness of his race being harmed lead to make Boan mad with vengence, and freed the Great Eater, but it was quickly defeated back into it's imprisonment almost anti-climaticly by a legendary snake sage hero. Boan and the shocked snake tribe leaders were then captured by the High Council. They each were banished to worlds based on their culture:

  • The Rattlely were banished to Pastoon
  • The Vipires were banished to Transvilvainia
  • The Crazbras were banished to Wonderland
  • The Black Mambaians were banished into Olympus Coliseum
  • The Cospiters were banished to Devil's Bayou
  • and the Contraiters were banished to the Dragon Realms

As a result of this banishment, the Snake Tribes were barely able to survive with limited resources. While most of the Snake Tribes would make it this far, the Contraiters were suffering in famine and disease, as well as their world being unfit for them to survive. While the Contraiters would make it this far through luck, they were unable to preserve themselves, and they all have "seemingly" died of starvation. However, only Boan was able to survive death thanks to him being immortal and free to take all the time he needs to find all 6 daggers and complete his plan for revenge.

However, Pythona was still alive and was able to free the suriviving contraiters to escape back to Skabbis and hid underground, safely away from a universe that will never understand them and restore their population, repenting their mistake in secret. Pythona has grown sad she was never able to find Boan and has been left to rule the surviving race that is slowly repopulating ever since.


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