Rider ghouls

Some Skeleton ghosts

Cloaked Phantom

A cloaked phantom

These ghosts are Dark Spawn minions and serve Chernabog with an iron will.

During the Night on Bald Mountain sequence from Fantasia, Chernabog summons numerous ghosts, demons and monsters from the graveyard of the village which Bald Mountain overlooks. They are supposedly to represent the pagan religions interpreting them as evil. Being summoned by him, they transformed into animals for Chernabog's delight as he throws them into the fire. With his own powers, he reveals that they are as disposable as they look, burning them in his own hellish flames. They, like Chernabog, are vanquished when the morning arrives.

Role in the series

The skeleton ghosts have not yet appeared in the series yet. According to legend, the Skeleton ghosts were actually constructs of evil, created in the image of the deceased by Chernabog to serve as his minions in the great Cartoonian Wars against the High Council long before humans actually appeared to look like their deceased forms. These ghosts were then placed under the command of Pariah Dark and his lieutenants: SkullSatamon and the Fright Knight. During the First Cartoonian War, the skeleton ghosts served their master even when banished and imprisoned to the mountain. by the second war, they choose to stand by their masterbecause of relentless and simple-minded loyalty, pretty much leaving Lord Cobra and Malefor on their own.

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