Skeeti Yellen Treadwell

Skeeti 'Skouty' Y. Treadwell is an Alternate UUniversal Hydrocabiais from Planet Gorsert Prime. She is a very compassionate, determined, intelligent, but socially outcast and misunderstood young sea squirrel that was orphaned at a young age after the hardships of the illegal foundations of UIS renegade El Groy which left her parents to die of dehydration. Raised by the Phend warrior Rogh, who only adopted her out of pity as years of no love and being raised to serve El Groy via his best public spokesperson Prince Priss Y. Pantsworth, who told her she was adopted as an egg because her parents were killed by the UIS carelessly, making her just as careless and seeing Skeeti as a hard person to work with. Skeeti is shown to be very lonely in a land of cruelty that can't live honestly because of being an illegal foundation, finding it hurtful being raised by a surrogate that doesn't even trust her and considers her unimportant, and many people in her home don't care about her and tell her she only exists to provide a service. But she's the only one on Gorsert Prime to see that Rogh's target The Nomadic Gorserian is actually harmless and begins to harbor feelings for him because of being born with an unclear and negligent purpose just like her, and will thus do anything to protect him even if it meant disobeying her otherwise careless surrogate home. Skouty has times of depression, aggravation, and utter sorrow, as nobody around her cares and thus she learned to fend for herself, is socially incapable of meeting new people easily because of her upbringing. She is the AUU version of Nomad of Nowhere Skout.


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