Sollyge Kee Craggedy, AKA Skullmeat, is an Alternate UUniversal Rarrip from Planet Magelio. He is best known to be Screeched Death's partner in crime even during his conquest of Magelio during his membership in the Villains Act. He is a very intelligent and powerful dark sorcerer who was very merciless and was almost as powerful as his master. He always wears a skull on his face like his master, yet he can still be vulnerable to light Magelio magic even when defending himself with all his spells, such as the Magelio crystals' rule of teleporting any source of dark magic off-world, shielding himself with a jinx. He was the first enemy defeated by Merlin when he was starting to learn Magelio magic thanks to tutoring from Superius Samantha and the Magelio Elder Council.


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