Sky Surfer

Orban Elliot Cloud

Orban E. Toppler, AKA Sky Surfer, is an Alternate UUniversal Lyrgom from Planet Trobus. He is a skilled combatant who rides a T5-Stribog Hoverboard, has a wide array of weapons, and is a genius in strategy and science. He saved his world from villainy once, and is soon to join the Heroes Act. He used to be a skilled hoverboard racing champion until he tangoed with the evil Caelus Aran. Since defeating him, he's been a well-praised hero.


Orban was born as the son of a rich family who own the famed military research company called Topplers Inc., As he grew up, Orban became a great hoverboard-racing champion, winning over 10 races, and even took some classes in gymnastics. However, the Toppler family had some serious trouble. His father, CEO Jordom Toppler, had to deal with the loss of his good friend and business partner Cayrall Aran to a rare disease that causes rapid aging. Many failed attempts to cure the disease made the death inevitable. As a result of the loss, Cayrall's son, Cae, became troubled and was adopted by Jordom. Orban didn't have serious complaints and was sympathic to Cae, but he was easily put off by Cae's growing attitude towards the Topplers in due to failing to let go of a loss that couldn't've been prevented either way. Orban did what he could, but eventually, by their teen years, Cae decided he had enough of being in the Topplers and left to make his own company, that had been dropping in usefulness thanks to Topplers being much more well-known.

But the issue took a darker turn when Orban entered adulthood. Thanks to a questionable experiment after being alarmed of inheritating the same disease that took his father in trying to cure it, Cae ended up going moronically insane and took over Topplers Inc., holding Jordom and everyone in it hostage. Thanks to Cae deciding it was a brilliant idea to forecast his crime on the planet-wide communications system in an attempt to have some sort of ransom out of it and brag at the same time, Orban was made aware of the problem and tried to stop everything. Orban tried to reason Cae out of his own madness, but Cae was simply too far gone, and attempted to kill Jordom. But after he made a fool of himself with a dysfunctional ray gun and after a failed battle against Orban, Cae escaped and swore revenge. In sad regret, Jordom bought the crumbled Caemechanicon and merged with the company to remember Cae as what he was, and not what he turned into. Since then, Orban became the Sky Surfer, and has countered Cae's many attempts to take over the company after he joined the Villains Act, forming a rivalry known throughout the stars.


Orban has a great sense of smell and hearing. He does have good sight, too, but he has to wear goggles since he spends his time in the air so he can see without the wind blowing into his eyes. He wears an armored jumpsuit, and even needs a dark-blue mask in some cases where he needs to get to high altitudes. He has experience in gymnastics and is a black-belt in 2 martial arts: Aroe Tao (A Zoian martial art that specializes in an advanced form of combatting even the most powerful of machines) and Yuqor Goah (A Seourusian martial art that specializes in pressure-point combat and aerial stunts).

Orban's trademark T5-Stribog Hoverboard has been modified throughout the years. It can fly over 70 mph, and can automatically be summoned to Orban when he either falls off or is in danger. It houses an infinite storage device where he can store a maximum of 20 grenades. He has 5 types of grenades: regular, cluster, knock-out gas, electric, and flash. He even uses the ISD to carry his energy katana, and his own Rapid-Fire M446G Submachine Blaster, which has been modified several times.

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