Skyler Skee PK

Skyler Tuble Skee

Skyler T. Skee is an Alternate UUniversal Preen from Planet Nygia. She and her sister, Maini Skee, are both the proud leaders of the famous Para Knights that patrol the skies of their home planet as well as a few other nearby air-based community planets. She is a good-hearted fighter which has the most skill of any other Para Knight. She once beat an entire army of space pirates on her own. She and her sister usually get into fights, but they still care about each other.


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Skyler, as a prairie-dog-like creature, is a good digger, has a great sense of smell, and she can hear very far away with her chinchilla-like ears. During her youth, she became a black belt in the AUU karate-like martial art of Narkate, and she earned master degrees in engineering and piloting flying machines. As a Para Knight, she wears neutronium red and white armor which protects her from multiple types of firepower. Her preferred weapons are a Bhor B5 Phaser, and 2 cyan energy blades which block gunfire and can generate up to 600 volts. She also wears a GravWing-10 Wing Pack for individual flight.

Also, being a Para Knight, she has built her own Skewer fighter craft she named Aerrow, which is powered by a mini fusion reactor, is propelled by 4 turbine engines, and packs phaser turrets and a small missile launcher. With her above-average mechanic capabilities, she can repair damages to the Aerrow and make it functional quickly.

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