Slash Burn

Sarch Narrin Zallan, AKA Slash Burn

Sarch N. Zallan, AKA Slash Burn, is an Alternate UUniversal Nincotincx from Planet Zarbon. He started off as a military soldier who was trained into becoming the best non-supersoldier in the AUU. He denied every offer to become enhanced because he believed that strength was something that he could control on his very own. However, his turn to evil originated from a brainwashing. His skills had made him a good candidate for the Villains Act's forces. They used neuro-shock treatment on him to corrupt him into an evil mercenary known as Slash Burn. He was given plastic surgery to hide his face from anyone, his memories were wiped of his family and friends, and he became one of the greatest mercenaries the Villains Act ever had. He has been known to be very menacing for his powerful custom plasma grenades, his lethal energy sword, and his identity remained a mystery even after the fall of the Villains Act. He also has 3 other henchwomen with him who are each as deadly as he is, and their identities are hidden by taking up the names X1, X2, and X3.


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