A new volient TV Show in the UUTV called "Slaughter Land" has gain quite the controversy, it has roman-like rules, warriors battle creatures to a very real fight to the death. It has incredable ratings for realisum, but a fatal-high amount of controversy and complants from the likes of the Wildlife Fedration and EPA, and Qui is certainly not fond of it's nature. Senator Qui is having a huge meeting with the board of directors about having the show canceled. However, she and the directors found themselfs trapped by Wild Claw, a Wild and Crazy Lion host of the show, who's aware of what Qui was trying to do, and wants to make sure his show stays on the air, by releasing a speical episode called "Qui Vs. Cyborgsaurus Rex", where a Cyborgic verson of a cloned T-Rex from a forgotten and forsaken milaterry project is used to bring the pain to Qui and the directors. the Lougers and Cynder have intentions to make sure Wild Claw gets the clue that no one wants his show around anymore, and pull the plug on his show.

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