Slaughter Laughter, AKA The Dark Lord of Bone-Eating, is a Superior hyena from Kratos. He is a very powerful Superior warlock who uses quantonium as a source of magic. He aimed to make himself unstoppably-omnipotent until his former friend, the father of Gothhog, stopped him in an attempt to save him from his own insanity, but accidentally left him to become an abominable shadowy mutant in the process. This left Slaughter wanting to essentially destroy the Gothhog family. He killed Gothhog's father, but Gothhog himself proven to be a true challenge. He is now after Gothhog's ax Quantogum because it was responsible for ruining him to begin with, and therefore, it could restore him, and more or less it's because it's the only thing to enable him to truly destory Gothhog, but aside from that, he pretty much aims to destroy Quantogum to ensure once he is restored and back to his attempts to become omnipotent, there will be nothing to harm him ever again. Aside from magic, Slaughter Laughter's powers include sublimation, invulnerability, super-strength and endurance, and flight.

  • MCode: IvSeSfSsSul


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