The Lodgers and Heroes Act, in their UIS Identities, go on another mission to the isolated regions of the Vararoax Sector, where they end up having to end a serious slave and rebellion problem that the UIS fears will make them look like cruel jerks. The Cratians are a race of pillbug-grub beings who have enslaved the Workoreans and formerly the Testosterons. But the Testosterons proved too tough to handle and they ended up forming a rebellion to stop the Cratians. But the Cratians prove too powerful since they stole Workorean and Testosteron technology, upgrading their offensive power to uphold their slave system. But an extremist Testosteron named Baasturo tries to push it too far via teaming with a forgotten and thought dead S.I.S.S.I.E. Conspiracist named Forrest Gotto who was thought lost in the UIS raid in Solus' home planet, via aiming to unveil the creation of a super steroid based on Bruud biology, the Misfits really need to stomp this problem in the bud.

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