Slimeball is a world which is the home planet of an alien snail/slug race called the Slimeballians, which have formed a semi-Chinese high-tech society. They have been a great race that has been able to spread it's influence for snail rights across the UUniverses. Yet while they couldn't get to their goal yet, they still struggle to do so even to this day. The world is ruled by the wise Lord Shelluon, who has grown out of his bullying childhood days with Lord Shen, and even helped his comrades learn a lesson on not forcing issues on someone and instead letting them learn it on their own. It is also the home of the notorious criminal syndicate known as the Slugbutt Mafia owned by the mutant snail Don Slime. These alien snails and slugs have been spread across the UUniverses doing many things and not just fighting for their snail rights. They protected worlds from the Grox, being among the most powerful they ever fought against, even assisting the Galactic Federation to fight them in the Hundred-Year Grox War and have since become a GFed-protected world.


Slimeball Globe Map

Slimeball Globe Map

Slimeball is much older than Earth by a thousand years. Though it evolved the same way, it wasn't populated by dinosaurs long ago, but it was instead ruled by alien creatures which had the same soft and slimy skin as snails or slugs, being related to those exact creatures. However, they were much faster since they had evolved legs. Some had one leg for hopping around, others had 2 legs which were randomly placed. Some had 2 legs to walk like an ostrich and were mainly predatory, while others had 2 legs switched and this technique evolved to allow these creatures to run and make quick turns when running from predators. Some of these aliens were even 4-legged, and were the size of a building.

Though extinction events were not uncommon since there was a lot of them. Especially since the planet had a high concentration of elements such as iridium, which intensified volcanic activity and made it twice as powerful. Though these kinds of intense eruptions were very rare on Slimeball since most of the soil mostly had other elements. Lots of these alien gastropods went extinct, and eventually gave birth to the Slimeballians, a snail/slug-like being which gave up legs to conserve energy, yet at the cost of fast movement. While these beings were rather slow, they eventually discovered the wheel, and this allowed them to mostly rely on transportation to move faster. Each Slimeballian got their own wheelchair which allowed them to move faster.

But since Slimeballians were a thousand years older than humans, they advanced in technology, and moved on from wheels to hovering devices such as hover-scooters. Though they still used wheels for certain transports because these hover-scooters were run on plasma energy, meaning that it had to go through cooldown cycles in order to keep it from exploding. A cooling cycle usually lasted an hour, yet the hover-scooter could stay active for about a week. Though exposure to intense heat can accelerate the process. These gastropod beings, though advanced, didn't exactly discover space travel until they assisted the Galactic Federation in a battle against the Grox during the Hundred-Year Grox War. In return for their gratitude, the Federation granted them the power of space travel, and made them allies. The Slimeballians expanded their reach across the UUniverses ever since, and at one point realized that their similar subspecies cousins, generally normal snails and slugs had been suffering segregation. From being considered unattractive, gross, slow, and vermin, to the even more disterbing and rare case that they are even eaten, some felt this needed to be forcefully helped, to the point that a sacred powerful god needed to get involved, to simply turning troubled because of how "cruel" and "barbaric" the rest of the universe and turned into crime, the common corrupting influence is the Slugbutt Mafia, but this only served to ironicly make the mistreatment justifived.

Government and Society

The Slimeballians live in a semi-Chinese society and are in a totalitarian democracy. The entire world is run by a Lord or Lady in the Slimity Temple, which is a rather large temple and big enough to fit an entire community. The cities outside are all run and represented by a member of the Slimeball Council who actually measures the elections and determines who's qualified. This world is also known for it's slime refineries in slime-filled valleys which mine the renewable substances in the slime that are commonly used for food seasoning, a fuel source for the hover scooters or other wheeled vehicles, and many other uses.

The technology of the Slimeballians are a thousand years more advanced than humans since they are a thousand years older. Since they are naturally slow, they require faster transportation such as wheeled or hovering crafts. Their most common form of transport is the hover-scooter, which uses slime to create a plasma-based levitation effect, and can last over a week before it needs to cool down. However, incredibly hot areas can overheat these scooters quicker and cause them to explode. The Slimeballians are naturally vulnerable to salt, which is why they stay away from anything with salt in it including salt flats. Their military is also rather good, from the development of adjustable arm cannons which can go from disintegrating, EMP, and electroshock to the inventing of hovering battle tanks.



  • Slimifar Desert
    • Slugbutt Salt Flats
  • Jeckyse Jungle
  • Slimity City- Capital City
  • Chloride City- City
  • Mirandas- City
  • Blac Vander- City
  • Sloss- City


  • Lirmas Rainforest
  • Uislime Jungle
  • LaBubble Valley
  • Isilassa Mountains
  • Girmer (City)
  • Sneeli City (City)
  • Tha Shale (City)
  • Centuria (City)
  • Niantic (City)


  • Slimhell Valley
  • Vagas Desert
  • Vagas Oasis
  • Loober Mountains
  • Coal City- City
  • Gloobe- City
  • Attapulgus- City
  • Gua Gland- City


  • Salla Jungle
  • Salton City- City
  • Shaw Glob- City


  • Iridium Valley
  • Iridium Canyon
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