Slud Gett Buexxer

Slud G. Buexxer, AKA Sludge, is an Alternate UUniversal Gargalope from Planet Uridia. He is a giant bulky ungulate and was one of the biggest bandit leaders of the Beofynzeny System, and his influence had spread out to the area where Fyregem is located, and thus he was a constant nuisance to the Vault Seekers in childhood before he became the leader of the Bruter Guild of the Banditry after being inspired by Gozzog the Corporate to balance the unorganized crime that plagued the system. He was a former worker for the Headgem Mines, which was rich in resources used for the Huncus Corporation, but the mine was so pollutant, it produced a toxic waste byproduct that had hazardous properties, and they were basically dumped into the crevices of the mines. He was an unfortunate victim of said toxins as it got poured onto him and turned him into a maniac. This happened when something was discovered at the mine and the find, which was a key to one of the 88 Uridian Vaults, was hastily covered up, and he attempted to steal it to make the payment he was denied as punishment for unprofessional behavior. Following his failure to gain so and the toxic dumping on him, he stole it back and as a result, many of the workers in that area mutated radically after Sludge spread the waste all across the mine, some becoming insane with an obsession for the Vaults, some becoming stunted midgets, and others growing into gross monstrosities. Sludge then took charge and create his own little bandit empire. Sludge then used this toxic waste as his own main weapon against his enemies across the area. Though he is blunt and uncreative. When he named his iconic weapon, he simply called it 'Hammer'. What he lacks in brainpower he makes up for with brute strength and a high tolerance and imperviousness to pain. His namesake vibro-war-hammer sends painful shockwaves that keep foes at a distance and can make hard work of melee assaults on him. But he managed to turn other people into giant beasts called 'Things' (Once again, uncreative), that turned into animalistic beings once exposed to pain or fear, and thus they are strong, impervious to pain, and have a need to kill all that they see, developing such through his bandit empire. Despite having the same powers, side-effects of the toxin on Sludge include the fact that his face has been horribly disfigured where even his speech is slurred, and thus he wears a helmet that covers his presumably-always-aggressive expression. He is the AUU parallel to Borderlands Sledge, and is just as ruthless, maniacal, and evil.


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  • "Think you can beat Sludge? Nuh uh, Cuz' Sludge is too smart for you!"
  • "Sludge have a idea! Idea say destroy them all!"
  • "Kill Sludge's men make Sludge angry! ARRRGHH!!!"
  • "Sludge will crush you like... Crush you style!"
  • "Now, death come for you... from Sludge! Heheh!"
  • "Sludge give little runt BIG Death!"
  • "Sludge destroy you! Destroy you right now!"
  • "No mercy for anyone who threaten Sludge!"
  • "No one come here unless Sludge tell them to!"
  • "Why are you here? Go Away! Sludge is eating!"
  • "Sludge angry! Sludge destroy!!"
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