The Lodgers and Heroes Act have been assigned to another UIS mission to stop an impending war against the Empesions, the Geekles, and a new Boldan enemy by the name of Catacrom Blaxton, the new owner of the successful arms company Blaxton Industries in the isolated planet of Sloggo in the isolated territory of the Ougus Sector. Blaxton is a criminal mastermind whose family's business dealings and the creation of the Sloggan Expressway have made them rich and powerful. Ultimately, with Catacrom eliminating all competition and becoming the new head when his father was coincidentally assassinated, his business helped him achieve his true purpose: to control all of the Slogg System and onward and destroy the magical energy that protects the underground world holding the resistance formed by the native race, the small and cute Sloges while their enemies the Maglids who are far more powerful than them as both are used as useful projectiles for the products of Blaxton Industries, and Catacrom has gained the help of the Maglid who assassinated his father Oglethorpe who also wants to take over everything for what it did to him, not telling him that he killed his father for a far greater and darker purpose, introducing him to the dark science of 'phantoming', which augments Sloges into emotionless slaves just like what happened to the Maglids, turning them into ruthless shadows of their former sluggy selves. They discover that the only one this close to stopping the assassination was Wolholm Shune, his school rival whom he himself killed to prevent the truth about his own crimes and Ogle's true goals, as he swore to find his 15-year-old son Elm Shune before he could avenge his father and achieve his dream of being a slugger like the father he never knew with his Sloge friend Gurple while he was raised by a black market arms dealer Blexby. Thus the Lodgers have to find and save Elm with help from his tomboy love interest Pixie who's secretly in the Sloge Resistance against the Maglids and Catacrom, and help him find out not only what Catacrom is up to, but what Ogle's true game is. But it's hard when Elm's criminal record brought by his foster care gets in his way as he is saved from reward-seeking Hoodlum bandits lead by a rogue slugger named Grossman by a mean and arrogant but fiercely steadfast and strong Rocken named Pon who was once part of the Resistance before he got so good at it that he 'started resisting them', who directs them to a law-neutral vigilante Boldan named Warister, thus beginning a journey to stop Catacrom and then the true evil of Oglethorpe, who seems espeically fearful of the ironicly named The Impure Pack, a race of Shadow Clan like creatures that are the guardians of Sloges and their Maglid cousins.

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