Small Sauce

Saucea TeTe Pezzle

Saucea T. Pezzle, AKA Small Sauce, is an Alternate UUniversal Mephean from Planet Cquirion. She is an unstable young reptomammalian alien child who lives in the rundown town of Trainwreck, which is basically a city of mobile houses made from the Beofynzeny System's long teleport-train systems that send people all across the system's planets, and lives in a heavily-isolated and heavily-booby-trapped shack where any bandit that enters dies instantly in ways that amuse her. She has been a saboteur lone ranger for years, and has had a history of terrorist attacks and murders, but only for bandits with no lives or family, and even killed someone for destroying plans for a bomb against the evil Meat-Stick as payback for a theft brought on by hunger, among other things. Basically, anyone who dared upset, aggravate, sadden, criticize, or belittle her in anyway ended up dead the next day. She has been this way since her mother and father were killed by a betrayal in her hometown of Coron brought on by Meat-Stick in return for cash from Awesome Jaxtom, and since she was threatened by Commandant Steelea for info on a nearby piece of the Uridian Vault Key, she was rescued then and many times by Rollond, who considered her the daughter he never had, and in return, she helps him sabotage many of Steelea's plans to find the nearby Vault, and almost ended up killing her and got her the elastic prosthetic ribcage and in-vitro manufactured replacement organs as the original ribcage and the cavity containing it was too damaged to hold them, considering it 'What Meat-Stick is gonna feel when she's through with him'. Since Rollond was corrupted by Steelea, she was righteously furious and did a lot of explosive damage to many areas to cure her stress, missing him so much. She is pretty grudge-holding, and does not take cruelty in her life very well, as anyone who did so ended up dead, and thus many people fear her, even though some underestimate her for her age. She is the AUU parallel to Borderlands Tiny Tina, and thus is similar in personality and raw power, only has a similar voice to Cree Summer.


Saucea was born on Cquirion in the town of Coron. Her parents were people who formerly lived in Old Haven and left to avoid the devastation it eventually suffered. Coron heavily sponsored Armatage until it went to Huncus after Awesome Jaxtom took over when Saucea was just reaching big kid days. They even aided the Huncus Rebellion to oppose Jaxtom massively, making up one of the critical benefactors for their fight. Much of Coron got ravaged because of this. But Saucea and her family survived much of it as they were good at digital reconstruction, and their digistruction core made them practically invincible.

But a former inhabitant of Coron, who now goes by the name of Meat-Stick, betrayed Coron when Nine-Fingers, and even Jaxtom, promised him money to sell them out. Coron's core was destroyed, and so was Coron, but he then betrayed Jaxtom because of what he did to Coron, terminating his control over the Banditry Movement. Saucea was one of the many survivors of this destruction as Meat-Stick took over Coron and crucified all dead inhabitants by the hundreds and turning the once strong city into a bloody graveyard. The city of Coron was lost forever to the Banditry Movement, while Saucea ran away and wandered alone and scared in the dangerous wastelands of Cquirion.

Forced to survive on her own, she went insane after having to kill and kill nonstop. She did this so much, she became better at it, managing to make powerful explosives, guns, and so on, even doing so by discovering an old Jomoter homemade weapons facility in Trainwreck. Though the place was almost claimed by Commandant Steelea, who threatened her for info on a nearby piece of the Uridian Vault Key, she was rescued by Rollond. After hearing her tragic story and seeing what the experience has done to her, Rollond took her in as a surrogate daughter, as her skill provided well in the battle against Jaxtom. After his aid, Saucea became far better at getting past Steelea, and ended up shattering her ribcage and nearly killing her, forcing her to retreat and get the elastic prosthetic ribcage she has now, as Saucea considered it 'what Meat-Stick is gonna feel when she was through with him'. She swears that one day, when she finishes off Meat-Stick, she'll at least have something better to do afterward.


  • "Oh, suck a c***! Language is basically obscured at this point. Even kids have to survive and grow up quickly in a s****y place like this."
  • "Oh haiiii!"
  • "Ten... Nine... (She launches rockets/activates explosives)... I got bored."
  • "Wow, you're more annoying than a virgin alarm!"
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