Smexty Ted

"Ted's gonna answer a booty call!"

Tedword Smex, self-proclaimed "Smexty Ted", is a mentally sick and deludional pervert and a known rapist under the self-deludion that he's the sexiest Aufone alive, when really his defected malnurish and sickly body suggests otherwise. He is hopelessly obcessed with Princess Nrade Zsaroo, and is more then insanely determined to get his demented mits on her. He has stalked her and hound her ever since she matured into beauty, and has been a major concern to King Clax Zsaroo for a long time now, to the point that he has his guards be on the look-out for any newfound trouble. Ted's rise into this mess-up state that he is in is an ongoing controverseal topic, almost VA bad. Though it's commenly agreed that he was diagnosed with "Luster's Insanity" at a certain point at his life and went into this self-destructive decline ever-since. Even the VA, before and after it's disbansion, kept their distence from this troubled and insane soul, out of fear he targets anything that's female, and not just members of his own race, so it's likely he is not a part of the escapades of ICC Exelbrok, though only directly, as Exelbrok did indirectly malmitulate Ted into his control to have some way to directly harm Clax for his big plans and has done it without having this broken perv be even minorly aware of it.
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