Martin Luther Snail Jr. has grown tired of the tyranty being held on his kind by france and the rest of the united universes, and has become deserate to make a change. it has gotten to the point he alligened himself with False-Sayer and Or-Gan-I-Sation and was fused in the creation machince with a microphone system, and became Macro-Voice. With the new abilites to make anyone listen to what he says, he goes forth to force Tri-Corn into writing in a deed that declairs that Snails have rights and that snails and the dark order are the masters of other races and the United Universes. can the lougers fight their way out of the control of Macro-Voice? Meanwhile in a side-story, Cobra has sent spies (aka Queen Chrysalis and her changelings after kidnapping the 5 Armed Snake Tirbes and their leaders so they can change into them and take their places) to discover False-Sayer and Or-Gan's plans so the leage can discover if the Dark Order is becoming a real threat and their operaitions involve standing in Malefor's path for conquest while sending Dr. Blowhole to shut down Macro-Voice and destroy the Snail Rights Movement to show the Dark Order that they mean serious buisness.

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