Something crazy happens as Celestia and Luna saved what was reported to be a loss of all aerial creatures' ability to fly and walk on clouds. The Lodgers are immediately called and even though the aerial Lodgers are affected as well, Celestia's parents say that her maternal aunt Queen Aericolous, the Alicorn goddess of flying, may have something to do with it, but not on purpose, but because her soul has been found by another villain. This villain, a sak named Plight Fall, is doing this after being the most oppressed for being a flightless relative of griffins more than any of them. Thus he found the soul of Aericolous and is not going to return it until all flying creatures pay for their oppression. But Twilight sees some redeemable qualities inside Plight that might mean he doesn't need to be defeated. However, there are two problems involved, Plight's negitive enfluencer, an abyissian Emu named Noneson Wingser who aims to destroy Aericolous' soul so flight never comes back, and a pro-flight burocratic griffin named Magistraight Avian Feliner is aiming to have Plight exicuted once Plight is ever captured, who doesn't particularly agree with Twilight's feelings about the matter and just deems Plight as another mindless flight-hater. And as if these problems aren't bad enough, with the loss of flight preveilent, a subterrian evil, a sentient super Tutzlworm named The Grounder has resurfaced in sensing that flight was gone, freeing him to enslave all living things without the magic of flight threatening his power, as he used his newly freed magic to gain control of all normal Tutzles, Mongolian Death Worms, Sand Worms, and other forms of worm beasts, to come forth and attack Equestria. It's always SOMETHING when Alicorn God Souls get involved.

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