The Society of Sentient Animals is an Alternate UUniversal organization headquartered on the superhabitable planet known as the 'birthplace of sentient animals' called Planet Taxonomoworld in the Incertaedis System. It has existed long enough for even them to not remember the foundation, as it occurred during the AUU First Cartoonian War. It's sole purpose is to establish fair relationships with sentient animals and sentient beings in the AUU, especially forming during days when they were treated poorly. But thanks to the SSA, they were much easier to tolerate. However, despite their success, there are still people who have little appreciation for sentient animals, and thus they founded the Animal High Command, the high-tech police force that protects sentient, semi-sentient, and non-sentient animals alike that can't protect themselves. They continue to do this to this very day, and have multiple colonies all over the AUU.


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  • President Smokler- The sentient sauropod leader of the Society of Sentient Animals.
  • CIC Attackwill- The sentient Gladiozont leader of the Animal High Command, which is the prime high-tech police force serving the SSA.

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