dispite of a newly found crisis of the Dragon's Army, the lougers still have time for the small problems in the united universes. Esspeically Icky and Iago. Helping Iago's cousin Hamlet with a barely new and struggling Ice cream/soda place or a Melt shop (problem is, those are rarely visited or not at all anymore because of changing times) and Hamlet's dream of running a modern day Melt Shop seems ruined. Icky and Iago are more then willing to help with the right abdertisement, and if Hamlet is willing to change it into simply an ice cream shop, offer soda as a side-drink as well as other foods as a side offering (like Dairyqueen) and Hamlet should be set. However, would this still happen even if Mike Foulcheeserson Jr (who didn't join his father Mike Foulchesserson senir due to conflicting interests) were to try and ruin it out of hatred for our faverite birdbrains?

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