Sol M. Taiden is an Alternate UUniversal Rabodan-Xuron hybrid from Planet Nevus. He is known to be a very powerful factionary leader who was not only mentally imbalanced due to being one of the unfortunate hybrid offspring to actually be born with an impaired brain, but ever since he was born, he was out of control with his psychokinesis. Even after learning his hardest, he was considered a freak for his heredity, his out-of-control powers, and his low intelligence. But a very traumatic experience from a bully who pushed him too far left him to unleash tons of psychokinetic chaos, and that's how his corruption began. Fed up with his mistreatment, he began mind-warping innocent civilians into doing his whims, and relocated to Planet Vulgun. He has since become the leader of the Taiden Faction, a powerful faction that does several invasions in his quest to build an empire of his own. Though even with his psychokinesis, he has never been able to make it that far, only being able to conquer 3 territories. He has yet to be fully taken care of.


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