Solo Morecraft

Solo Voctor Morecraft

Solo V. Morecraft is an Alternate UUniversal Wahcoon from Planet Ataxia. He is an antihero who was raised as an orphan by a Mephean black marketer after he lost his original parents, whose family name was recognized as a long-lasting line of antiheroes who, like him, were raised on lawless worlds and had a natural habit of not only learning how to do good along the side, but also know how to change their family's species from sentient being to sentient animal through adoption and/or conception, mixed or otherwise, as a classic tactic to hide their infamous and wanted names. Solo was raised in a world filled with tough thugs, gamblers, smugglers, bounty hunters, crime lords, bandits, pirates, arms dealers, other black marketers, and so on. This world was lawless for centuries since it was known for being the headquarters of a long-defunct criminal megacorporation of multi-task crime called CrimeTech, run by criminal and 'master leader of evil' CEO Bertron Gogue Blacktrey, which was shut down centuries ago by the Morecrafts, leaving it's employees out of a job to form the anarchic society it is today, some good, some bad, and some in between. Solo gained a lot of friends in the form of random criminals, and even had dozens of love interests who shared a lot of qualities with him. As he grew up, he learned how to do every single criminal job flawlessly, and at the same time, he caught up to his family legacy by putting away the worst of criminals, including a Weollan black marketer named Golton Oz Boxley who tricked and betrayed him, causing his adoptive father to be thrown in prison, but also for Solo to be enslaved briefly through an illegal mind-control implant, as he secretly feared that, as a Morecraft, he would be a threat to the criminal world. But he managed to outsmart him and get him sent to prison. Thus this is where he accepted his true family heritage and became a space-faring antihero who would stay in his preferred setting of the criminal world, and only go to law-enforced territory if he must. Through this career, he met a ton of criminal friends along the way, give or take a few non-criminal friends, and he was either loved or hated by the AUU. He is currently seeking to shut down Bertron's current descendant, CEO Vacoh Quqe Blacktrey, who had restored CrimeTech since the beginning of the Villains Act, and hopefully with the help of the Heroes Act, he will get that chance. But he and his many friends may not be able to live on Ataxia anymore because it has been getting a more proactive government which is slowly weakening CrimeTech's stability, and since Vacoh refuses to go to outside help for protection, he is likely to fall, but since law enforcement will be stronger on Ataxia, he and his many friends will have to relocate.


Solo was born to the famous Morecraft Clan, a family of antiheroes who did good on the side of evil since Rode Morecraft on Planet Teriea became from thief to antihero, founding the Morecraft Clan out of the idea of an entire clan of antiheroes, starting with the downfall of CrimeTech during the Great Stagnation in which Dudem Morecraft defeated it's head CEO Bertron Gogue Blacktrey. But soon enough it's capital of Ataxia was turned into a lawless world after a revolution issued by a giant bird criminal mastermind named Crimehaven, who despised antiheroes and believed evil was more productive and profitable than good and that he was the greatest villain in the AUU.

Crimehaven would rule over virtually all lawless worlds in the AUU with a soulless robotic body fueled by hatred for antiheroes to stay alive, operating from the Black Volcano of Planet Teriea, and killing several Morecrafts thanks to his genius and cunning, and helping finally restoring CrimeTech with Bertron's descendant Vacoh on the same month the Villains Act, along with hundreds of benefactors including his best, a Sozaboon genius named Doctor Exix and defector of the Morecrafts. Thus when he heard Morecrafts were on Ataxia, he killed the parents and leaving Solo alive, assuming he can never become a Morecraft.

Solo was raised by a black marketer and got friends in the form of another Wahcoon named Tira who he would fall in love with, a technological Aquanx whiz named Tecma who defected from CrimeTech and would be an ex-girlfriend of Solo, a rough weapon/brawl-happy Ferusulox son of a weapon smuggler and designer named Ballut, a Unotter son of a skilled stealthy smuggler named Slary, a wacky Iobrog conservationist turned thieving junker and looter named Jumoga, a pacifistic Marrit healer genius having the misfortune of being born on a world of crime and anarchy named Mena, and a Seapry hermit and master shipless sky pirate named Eyles. But his foster father was eventually betrayed by a rival black marketer named Golton Oz Boxley, who places Solo under a mind-control implant to keep him from stepping out of line. Though his friends save him, Tira is almost killed by Golton, bringing the group to turn him in after beating information out of him concerning the money to save Tira.

With information revealed about the Morecrafts, Solo felt that he had a destiny to fulfill. This journey brought him to meet new teammates, and searching for Crimehaven's top 4 followers: an Ellg mechanic mastermind named Eleigh Clive, a Dreeg witch doctor daughter of a world of witchcraft trials named Proxia Mydtle, a Phobhound brute and master gangster named Mugo Braww, and a Grover weapons mastermind rejected of his risky weapon ideas named Sento Obsidior. After taking each of them out, they encounter Crimehaven's hideout in Black Volcano. While the team deals with the security network, the radar towers, their overkill defenses including the trademark death ray, and even defeating Doctor Exix, Solo confronted Crimehaven above the active volcano, as he defeats Crimehaven by sinking him into the lava before it erupts and the team escapes.

Tecma manages to obtain all Crimehaven's information with her new robot compatriot SQE5 allowing them to finish off Crimehaven's criminal empire. Despite coming at several costs including Tecma being crippled, Ballut almost being beaten to death out of jealousy to his own creation Barrage, Solo losing trust to Tira and costing them their relationship, the issues of recruiting Aerly Morecraft and Cosh, and even Solo being chased down by Maxxus. But eventually the last battle on Ataxia began as Solo finally brought down New CrimeTech and Vacoh before the Heroes Act could, swearing they'll meet again. The team has since traveled across the AUU finishing off remnants of CrimeTech and Crimehaven.


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As an semi-aquatic procyontid, Solo is capable of staying underwater for about 30 minutes, and is a naturally-gifted swimmer. He is also an acrobat and a tactical genius who can hide, pursue, fight, dodge, and outsmart his opponents as he developed increased agility, reflexes, stamina, and speed. His senses are naturally accurate, and he can naturally see in the dark.

Being raised on a lawless world, Solo is an expert in virtually any form of criminal activity, not just from growing up in such an environment as an orphan, but by having friends who taught him in great detail how to do so. He is an expert thief and smuggler, he is an efficient bounty hunter, he knows how to communicate safely with even the roughest and toughest of criminals, and he has done this for so long, he can identify a criminal's weaknesses and take advantage of them. He is also an effective escape artist as he was trained by an expert thief to escape even the deadliest of restraints, including the illegal mind-control implant, whether it be an easy-to-remove model, or a modern model that can be fatal to pull off. He is a naturally-gifted antihero who, despite hanging out with criminals, only hangs out with those whom he can identify or reason with, whereas those who prove they are not worthy of his respect or pose a threat big enough for his family name to call, he will be ready to put them away.

Solo is also a semi-lone ranger. He prefers to do things alone at his own request, but will always call on the aid of his friends if he feels he cannot do something on his own. He has been on literally every lawless world and sector across the AUU, doing so in order to understand the criminal world like an average citizen understands his home and/or setting. He also seeks to find more Morecrafts so he can make sure the legacy stays alive for any future events involving a criminal takeover that require the Morecrafts' assistance.

Solo also made twelve friends and teammates throughout his antihero lifestyle, which includes a gun-armed red-headed ursine named The Pimp who provides weaponry and defense, a robot named The Barrage who is a heavy tanker, a genetically-engineered semi-sentient Doggard/Maralaide hybrid from crazy experiments named Crimson XII, a snarky Wahcoon strategist friend and ex-girlfriend named The Smarty, as the early members, and Post-Crimehaven's defeat, he resumed looking for the other morecrafts,  another robot named The Squeeze who provides computer intelligence, a spy Unotter named The Slick, an Aquanx and ex-girlfriend mechanic and scientist named The Tinker, a Seapry named The Eye-in-the-Sky, a Marrit medic named The Healer, an Ottiriot and the fanboy/rookie of the group The Noob, and an Iobrog scavenger named The Junk. And finally, come Crime Tech's downfall, a Uiverey and the first Morecraft he met since he completed his desteny, named The Protégé, With these friends travelling with him, he has all the assistance he needs.

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