Sonny Oriana Bubbles
Vital statistics
Title Doc Bubbles, Ms. Bubbles, Gurgler (Derogatively by Crokton), AUU Sandy (OUU residence, aside from Xandy)
Gender Female
Race/Species Hydrocabiais (Hydrocabiais halicolus)
Faction Inventor and Archaeologist For Oxydome Enterprises
Description Heavy Southern Accent, Mood Swings, Athletic, Passionate for Science, Loves Water and Oceans, Tough, Over-Protective Parents and Thrill-Seeking Twin Brother
Skills and Abilities Naturally Semi-Aquatic, Knowledgeable of Qong Fu (An AUU Adaptive Martial Art Based On Strategy And Patience), Scientific Intelligence, Agile, Acrobatic, Thexan Cunning, Crucyd Weaponry, Adaptive Holographic EVO Suit With Holographic Helmet, Omnican Friend And Partner Sau, Futuristic Water-Travel Gear
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Ease, Thexus (Epsilon Universe, Polgren Sector, Rislama System) (Hometown)
  • Trunk Bottom, Oceanous (Zeta Universe, Zeta Core Sector, Ocus System) (Future Home)
Alignment Good
Sonny O. Bubbles is an Alternate UUniversal Hydrocabiais from Planet Thexus. She is essentially AUU Sandy, only more so than Xandy. She is a free-spirited scientist who works for Oxydome Enterprises, a multi-purpose technological megacorporation of Thexan origin that keeps it's products safe in underwater domes called Oxydomes. Sonny comes from an over-protective family, yet a thrill-seeking twin brother, and her love for the ocean and everything in it lead her to working for Oxydome Enterprises, where she came to not just inventing, but also studying aquatic races, particularly those of Teadr 1 status. At a young age, she built an Omnican named Sau, who currently aids her in her career and has the mind of her deceased best friend Zoey. Her Oxydome is modified by her own holographic features, and her EVO suit is holographically aided, as she drives a jeep-like water buggy, a holo-aquavehicle, and has many kinds of equipment to aid in her career. She is also knowledgeable of Qong Fu, one of the greatest AUU variants of Kung Fu which specializes in adapting to highly-powered enemies by strategy, focus, and patience, and defends herself with Crucyd-grade weaponry. She had a very pleasant young life, and her life as a scientist leads her to the world of Oceonous, where she studies two Teadr 1 races: The ctenophoric Oceons and a Hanar-like Physheges. But through the kindness of unlikely friends, including a crush named ZongueBob, she discovers the true nature of the two races' disappearance, and upon opening up to her new friends, she helps to not only free the Oceons from the conflict of Gaariod and Master Oconoce, and bring the Physheges back from their exiled dimension after they tried to stop it long ago. She is a perky, bubbly, and autistic scientist who has the combined personality of Sandy, Patricia Tannis, and is a very beautiful individual of her species. She has a Tara Strong-style voice.


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