Sonny Vertse

Sonny Jenty Vertse

Sonny J. Vertse is an Alternate UUniversal Toth from Planet Vertse. She is a member of the expansive family known as the Vertse Group who were working on stepping up their technological level since their world of origin suffered a cataclysm. She was one of many to suffer the robotic war brought on by VertSpek, in thus she was forced to join the Vertse Rebellion in order to protect her younger sister, Junny Vertse, after her father was killed by one of the Vert-Bots. She looks after her little sister with the use of a rapid-fire carbine of multiple settings, several robot pets that are cut from VertSpek control, and she is considered one of the most important members of the Rebellion, and she personally seeks to find what started the VertSpek crisis, and put a stop to it. When the Heroes Act eventually discovers that the culprit is a long-lost more-technologically-disfigured brother of Roboface, she will give her gratitude by joining them.


Born on Planet Vertse during it's successful terraformation, Sonny was named for her sun-yellow eyes. She was raised by her single father Jonathince since her mother died of a Hemofernillum infection following giving birth to her child sister Junny a year before the Vert Revolt happen. Growing up into a tinkering prodigy, Sonny became a huge troublemaker with dreams of adventure and glory with her talents. She made friends with a lot of machines and built her first companion Mackey from a simple workbot. She even fell in love with a member of her family's rival family, the Helsens who share the same system and was forced out of the relationship by a stern member of the Vertse family, Douchbă Vertse, AKA Doucheo'bag Vertse, by even his own family on how bloodline purest he is.

On the same day Junny was born, Jonathince secretly had the baby Junny injected with prototype nanobots so she can quickly be just like Sonny in the future. This made the baby smarter as Jonathince hid this from Sonny, only saying that should things go horribly wrong, she looks after her. Then, When Boing made the VertBots look like they unprovokingly attacked him as he kept his secret dealings with his brother Roboface and the VA a secret, the VertBots and VertSpek had no choice to play along with it and revolt to secretly discourage the VA from ever wanting anything to do with the VertBots, at the cost of just looking like another case of robot revolt gone to a worse case scenario, which in all fairness, scared away VA interest, but also ended coming at the cost of the systems respect to the VertBots, espeically when it also cut-off ties with the Vertse and Helsens. which included seemingly killing off Jonathince and appearently plunging the world of Vertse into chaos, Sonny had to take care of the 1-year-old Junny, perplexed by her intelligence and quick similarities to her.

After she finds a "defective" robot named Violante, who was actselly a secret monitor for the Verts to lead the right people on the path to get the truth discovered, to look after Junny as an assistant, she was able to focus on going out to survive and learn a possible way to save Vertse, not only meeting back up with her Helsen boyfriend, Kei Helsen, after so many years and seeing the amputations he had, and with Douchbă no longer an issue with him being lost in the revolution, but as Junny grew up, Sonny had to make the world as friendly for her as possible, doing what she had to do to keep her safe.


Sonny is an amphibious being with cybernetic enhancements that not only negate the fact that oxygen is naturally poisonous to her race via nanobots in her lungs, as well as her natural ability to breath underwater, she has great agility, gymnastic skills, speed, stamina, imperviousness to electricity, cyber-eyes capable of analysis and problem-solving, nanobots that heal her body after injury, and is very calculative and intelligent with machines and inventing. She can also translate machine language and read data like a foreign language.

She carries an automatic energy blaster rifle that requires no ammunition due to being light-powered, containing a photon battery that can last a lifetime and can recharge via light from the environment. The rifle also has different mods of ammunition to choose from. She also carries thrust boots and a thrust pack for quick bursts of speed and higher jumps. She also carries a grappling hook for quick escapes.

She also has 4 robot companions: Mackey, a dog-like robot that can smell via detecting electric discharges and X-ray pings, Steve, a spider-like robot that can scale walls and allow her to crawl across high places, Heavyn, a gorilla-like robot for heavy tasks, and Violante, a robot that felt emotion for organic beings and defected against the other rogue robots to help as an assistant.

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