Soto Vol Krugum

Soto Vol Krugum is an Alternate UUniversal Rabodan from Planet Marbon. He was the nephew of the Rabodan Military's current Commander-in-Chief, Admiral Vol Krugum, and thus he was aiming to join. He was one of the childhood bullies of the Human-Rabodan hybrid Tether Ruther when they were in middle school, and one of the very worst. He did horrible and offensive things to Ruther including using the most offensive of hybrid remarks, putting him on a leash, muzzle, and even a straight-jacket he stole from his uncle's house, easily making Ruther sensitive to his heritage in present time. Eventually, the two successfully made it to the Rabodan Military, as Ruther's Rabodan father was a member. However, Ruther and Vol Krugum still shared a bitter rivalry with each other. He especially hated Ruther because he made mistakes that constantly caused the military to lose information on the whereabouts of The Extinctioners, a Rabodan terrorist group that has an unjust prejudice against AUU humans, via the deaths of impourent high rankers that have the where-abouts of the main base of the Exinctioners, and often because Ruther's emotions were challnaged by the higher ups insults or because of being morally disgusted by their actions and Ruther's self-rightiousness takes control. Later on, Ruther's father and pregnant mother were killed by the Extinctioners' Armed Forces, and in response to the Rabodan Military's distrust on him, Ruther went AWOL to bust them on his own. Vol Krugum wished to personally deal with Ruther himself, and almost succeeded many times. But despite his vigilantism including rescuing a hybrid camp full of dozens of human hybrid children, it wasn't enough to have Ruther's criminal record expunged by order of Trecene's president. Thus, Soto not only continues to hunt him down, but he was also put in charge of a squad made specifically to turn him in by his uncle. He was incredibly merciless when doing his job, and he shows no mercy against anyone he has been assigned to fight. Aside from being an extreme jerk, he's not nessersarly evil, as he only follows the exsamples of his uncle of doing the millaterry and the law by the standerds of honor and order. Problem is, thanks to his lack of enjoyment in hybreeds, not helping that Ruther is infamous for screw-ups, his already sour opinion on Ruther worsens to just because he didn't like hybreeds, but because Ruther doesn't do things honorably. Course, Soto is still in the wrong because he too has some problems about doing things with honor as proven by the fact he's such an ass to Ruther, not surprisingly putting him at odds with his uncle in that reguard, as capturing Ruther is also his means to redeem his own mistakes on Ruther, secretly blaming himself being respondsable to why Ruther is a total "Hot Hybreed Mess" and makes the millaterry's mission to stop the Exinctioners hard. However, because of how Ruther keeps humiliating him, along side a lack of humbleness and being controlled by a personal tragity that his parents devorced over his mother having an affer with a Hybrid, the shorce of his hatred, that hatred will end up overwealming any truely good intentions in going after Ruther, espeically when his worse will become more dominent then hsi best. He has the same cunning leadership skill as his uncle, and he is just as skilled in marksmanship.


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