Ever since A Worthwhile Friendship?, Corbos' brother, Boscor, has been successfully able to reform his race and made amends to those that they still can. One day hovever, Sobbclanoxx of the Pharcums, who made simular, even slower success, has came to Boscor one day and presented a unigte idea. Sob suggested that the Pharcums and Bullarns can do more then just make amends with the universe by founding new allience called the United Arms-Race (UAR), an allience of strong races to band togather to protect races and the universes from the same mistakes The Bullarns and the Pharcums made. Boscor agreed, but on a condition. They two must be able to convince the Vikoreans to consider the same thing, or else they'll just proceed to be an issue. A species of Teadr 2 wildebeest-like beings which are native to the Planet Vikoreas They are an aggressive warlike race which has been around for as long as the AUU Second Cartoonian War. They have been at war against both the Bulliarns and Pharcums in the past, and had still been able to prosper and almost lost their home planet to the Bulliarns. They are noted for their muscular build, their hoof-like hands and feet, their moderately-long wildebeest-like tails, the bushes of hair on their upper chests and neck ranging in color from white, brown, and black, their wildebeest-like heads and bull-like horns, and for their skin coloration which ranges from grayish-dark blue to brown. Their natural strength and speed allow them to mow down anything that stands in their way, being at close strength and bulk to the Bulliarns. They are a space-faring race which comes in the form of space-Viking crusades where they often raid space freighters and planets for wealth and resources. During their wars with the Bulliarns and Pharcums, they learned how to reverse-engineer their technology which includes the Pharcums' red augmentation gas, and pyrotechnic/incendiary weaponry, and the Bulliarns' nuclear-based astro lasers. Sob relucently agrees. The leader of the Vikors, Chief Warhorn, had been invited to be part of the new founding and to denounce violent ways in faver to protect and serve the less capable of protection, with future promise of NUSRA support giving that the Pharcums have been recently involved with them. However, Warhorn and his bodyguards proved extremely untrusting and over-cautious apawn arrival, even when insisted that the Bullarns no longer serve Corbos and the Pharcums changed their mercenary ways, which leaves Warhorn little convinced. Boscor and Sob tried to make the negotsiations to go smoothfully, but Warhorn continues to be hostile about everything. To smooth tensions, Sob quickly suggested a feast in Warhorn's honor to lighten up his mood. At first, it lighten Warhorn's attatude enough that at least he's less untrustworthy, but still extremely cautious about everything. However, Warhorn's rebelious son, Prince Greyhorn, has defied his father's will and gathered some Vikors and attacked the Grand Council building for encouraging the Bullarns and the Pharcums' "Nonsense". Cause of it, The Heroes Act over-wealmed and arrested the Prince for his actions. Warhorn didn't really enjoyed his son being arrested, albeit over defying him, and not only blamed himself for not protecting his son, but blamed the Bullarns and the Pharcums for "A conspiracy" against him, and also a newfound hatred for the NUSRA. With the Lougers involved, they aimed to discover what happened. It was discovered that Greyhorn planned this with Kafar-Ja, along side the still vengeful Blass, Targue, and Hogg, in an attempt to make the NUSRA look like a joke and to keep the Vikors from getting involved, meaning the arrest was intentional. Can our heroes be able to prove what a truely disobedient bad son Greyhorn truely is to Warhorn before Kafar and his brief allies get away with this?

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