Sourball. The most unlikeable Slimeballian in the universes.

Sourball Hagoutery Slimebutt is a Slimeballian from Slimeball who is a cold and unforgiving minor member of the Grand Council in the Galactic Federation and is truely the slime of the universe is more ways then one. His worse act as a Counciler was making owning a Mk. 20 Intensifier Cannon fatally illegal by giving it a seemingly unrealistic pelinty of death because the weapon that was meant to do great and good things if given the chance because of a few unfortunate but mysterious instences that violent usurpers and terrorists managed to gained those things and used them to commit acts againt leaders they don't like and caused serious colladeral damage thanks to the weapon's power after malmitulating the races that were harmed the most by the cannons into approving it when they are otherwise against the use of death as a punishment! However, he's more then just being an asshole of a counciler. Sourball is nothing but a filthy, lying cheater and hypocrite and an ally of the Mafia Alliance who is secretly a "Exicuted Soul auctioner" who sells the souls of the exicuted souls of those same usurpers and terrorests to terrorest groups who paid the highest bid or even to the Mafia Allience! In fact, he malmitulated those same people before by convincing them to use the Intensifier cannons to do so, so he can be able to make those things illegal and punishable by death to begin with so he can start his business and is truely nothing more then the most disgusting Slimeballian alive.... In terms of morality. Even though his threats are empty due to his thankfully minor position and that even the most standing by to the rules member doesn't take him seriously, he manages to control the Grand Councilwoman into always doing what he saids due to him helping her get elected as leader, but when she didn't follow protocals on Stitch, Dr. Jumba Jookiba, and even Don Slime even dispite the fact that he had the very weapon who's good potainional he ruined, he felt that thanks to these failures to comply to standerds, Sourball felt that those same doubters would listen to him better if Vainiana chooses mercy over complience to standerds again. But Karma will justly make this slimeball of a basturd get what's coming to him soon enough. His more personal reason is also because his dear brother was killed by the Cannon. But thing is, his brother was the leader of a Slimeballian Terror Group known as "The Scumbaggers" so what happened to his brother was the brother's own fault and that even if the cannon wasn't used, he would've been exicuted for the atosities his brother commited, so the loss of his brother isn't truely tragic, as it was more circumstanceal since his brother would've ended up dead either way, so it's a case of him failing to understand that his brother couldn't be helped either way, and that Sourball was already a greedy fuckwad and dishonest scumbag to begin with and that he was already a Mafia Allience member before his brother's death, so yeah, not too greatly sympathic of a villain.


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