South Wind

South Wind fearing North Wind's anger

South Wind is the older, yet smaller, brother of North Wind and controls the south wind of the world, and is a unique détente. He is told by Mother Nature to watch over North Wind since their other 2 brothers, East Wind and West Wind, live far off Greenland in Meighan Island, Canada. South Wind is shorter than North because North's powerful staff and morality illness made him rapidly grow to the size of an average man, making South the size of a dwarf by comparison. South had to cope that North has a case of morality illness, which resulted in him caring for both the nice AND the naughty, and became a narcissist who wants to get what he wants, even if it means more drastic measures. With his growing urge to benefit the naughty and nice, and fight off a non-existent 'monopoly corruption', he was able to use South's brotherly sense-of-care and supervision to forcefully help him take over Christmas, South only wanting to help to keep his brother out of trouble, only for them to be stopped by their relatives, the Miser Bros, and having Mother Nature sentence South Wind to live in the Wind Palace with his brother after saying that caring for a brother doesn't mean helping him get into trouble. South has attempted to appeal to what shred of morality is not affected by mental illness, often to no avail. He is not comfortable with North's inclusion of other banished beings and warns him he's never going to be happy if he hopes to conquer Christmas, and that still didn't help. Because of trying to be a voice of reason, he is hardly accepted by North and his allies.
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